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There are numerous different weapons in Rainbow 6 Siege, and also until you have actually bet a while, it’s going to be rather challenging to tell which tool is excellent as well as which requires to be left behind. The massive skill gap in Siege is partially the reason for this; despite how good your tool is, when you’re starting out players are just going to be winning gunfights against you due to their understanding of the video game. That likewise does not imply that weapons not on this checklist can’t be flawlessly efficient, obviously. However, in a situation where whatever is even, weapons on this list are most likely to triumph versus weapons that aren’t.

These weapons are not just rated by their possible damages result, but additionally by their ease of use. No matter if a weapon has extraordinary damage-per-second if it’s nearly impossible to keep your shots on target. So without further trouble, here are the 15 finest weapons available in Rainbow 6 Siege, not in any type of particular order.


Presented in the Procedure Red Crow growth pack, the Type-89 is a fairly dependable weapon possessed by Hibana that will certainly assist players behind the eight ball during suits … although it absolutely has its drawbacks that can turn any type of situation into an unfavorable one in a heartbeat.

While the fire price and also high damages of this tool is absolutely a boon, the criminally tiny magazine dimension indicates that players can swiftly find themselves out of ammunition in a firefight, which can mean doom for their destiny in the match.


Beginning this checklist off with a bang is Twitch’s F2. Though this weapon has obtained an extremely recent nerf, knocking down the publication dimension to 25 from 30, it’s still an outright beast and also one of the best tools in the game.

For a very long time, the argument around Twitch, and also possibly the factor her drone has been nerfed so frequently, is not just due to the fact that the drone was effective, however since she has amazing fragging potential with the F2. Individuals who select Twitch are obtaining a Driver that’s proficient at nearly whatever, making her a pretty good pick despite the unbiased website or the map.


One more weapon that’s obtained a nerf (though this nerf is a lot less current), the R4C is an amazing tool, even without an ACOG sight. Ash’s key function as an access fragger needs her to have a rather outstanding weapon, as well as the R4C greater than fills that function.

It has a great fire price and very manageable recoil. Due to the fact that Ash typically moves the map with some severe speed, having a consistent weapon like the R4C you can run-and-gun with is best.


Conveniently the most effective pistol in the game by a country mile, the D-50 is such an effective weapon that it just takes two shots from this destructive tool to secure any unlucky player who takes place to drop within its line of fire.

Being a pistol with extreme power, it’s just a given that the recoil of this weapon can be quite detrimental sometimes. Nonetheless, making use of the Muzzle Brake will certainly assist contain the recoil of this weapon, transforming it right into an extremely reliable offensive tool in combat.


Among the best SMGs in the game by a country mile, the MP7 boasts an enormous price of fire that makes it an ideal tool to decimate enemies in close quarters.

Keep in mind that the recoil of the MP7 is massive, making it rather difficult to fire in lengthy bursts as well as hit adversaries that are a little bit away. However, players who manage to take these detriments right into account will find themselves enjoying one of the most enjoyable tools in the entire game. Ripping with an adversary with the high fire rate of this brilliant SMG never gets tedious, regardless of exactly how often the gamer could utilize this weapon.


While Jackal might not always be an Operator than anybody gets to play very usually as a result of his present restriction price, if the stars aline as well as he’s actually available to snag for a match, his C7E is a superb selection to bring in addition to him. A term that’s going to get used a lot on this checklist, the C7E is just a constant weapon with a great fire price and easy-to-predict recoil.

Lot of times Jackal is mosting likely to come upon enemies that are anticipating his existence since he’s been scanning their steps, so he needs to be able to win those 50/50 gunfights consistently; the C7E aids profoundly in that respect.


Radical’s M4 is, just, an outright machine. Radical’s energy develops a lot of situations where you’ll remain in a gunfight with an extremely small angle to see through, so it’s certainly needed for him to have a tool that stays rather secure.

The M4 is not only wonderful in that regard, however it additionally has a great damage-per-bullet and rate of fire, surpassing the middle of the cram in both pertains to. While his utility may not be the very best for each situation, his weaponry makes him a wonderful choice for a fragger.

416-C Carbine.

This tool is absolutely nuts, as well as it’s insane to believe that this weapon made use of to be outfitted with an ACOG, too. Jager’s 416-C Carbine has a pretty solid damage-per-bullet and price of fire, but where this weapon truly enters its very own is the security it has.

This tool, for all intents and objectives, in the hands of any kind of human that’s ever before played a first-person-shooter in their lives, has absolutely no recoil. Like, none. Whatsoever. This thing is a laser as well as is among the most convenient weapons to order those critical headshots with.

Vector.45 ACP.

The Vector is virtually the anti-416-C Carbine when it concerns recoil, however due to it’s damage-per-second and the scenarios in which Mira is generally mosting likely to be using it, it still makes this listing. Most Mira’s are going to remain in scenarios where they remain in a gunfight that is totally skewed in her favor, whether it be since she lined up a shot with one of her Black Mirrors, or because she’s holding a difficult angle as a support.

But in these type of circumstances, you want to be able to drop the enemy as promptly as feasible, and the DPS integrated with the reality that the Vector kicks practically completely up and down making it a headshot machine, makes it an outstanding tool to bring with Mira right into fight.


The AK-12 has actually long been, statistically, the very best weapon in the video game, and that’s by a quite respectable margin, as well. Likely the only the reason it hasn’t been nerfed is that it’s in the hands of a Driver that actually simply isn’t that great. While Fuze can be a fun time and, on the ideal group or in the perfect situation, can be rather efficient, overall he is certainly lacking.

Yet because he has an utterly sublime tool in the AK-12, he can keep in own in gunfights, making up rather for the truth that he’s 1-speed and also has some mostly useless energy.


One of the few tools on Defense with access to the ACOG, the MP5 isn’t only beneficial due to the zoom; it’s an excellent tool in its very own right. While the argument can definitely be created utilizing the P90, especially if you intend on playing completely in close-range, the MP5 beats it in all-around performance.

The MP5 has some wonderful stability and a really nice rate of fire, making it pretty very easy to get headshots at any array, thanks partially to that ACOG.

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