Best Movies About Psychic Experiences

Fascinating psychic stories have inspired countless books and movies. The “supernatural” powers of the human brain never fail to attract scores of viewers and curious readers. Movies have inspired people to seek their answers to life with supernatural services. 

Along with movies, the internet has popularized the theme so much that the Best Psychic Readings Online exists to give those interested insight into the best experiences which provides details for experienced services worldwide, what to look for in readings and how to avoid scams. 

While some supernatural experiences are terrifying, others can be genuinely inspiring so if you love psychic stories, you should check the movies listed below.  

The Clairvoyant – 1935

The Clairvoyant, written by Charles Bennett, is nothing like your average online reading. The story talks about Claude Rains, a fake mind reader whose talents are more theatrical than supernatural. However, Rains begins to have visions about the future. 

Charles Bennett worked with Alfred Hitchcock many times. Bennett signed some of the first stories filmed by the Master of Suspense. According to some critics, Bennett has even influenced Hitchcock’s style. However, Hitchcock didn’t take part in The Clairvoyant, which remains among the most obscured works by Bennett.

Poltergeist – 1982

One of the most popular horror movies ever, Poltergeist, was produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by Tobe Hooper. They were pretty much the only famous names involved in the movie, which mostly starred unknown actors back then. In the plot, a family moves to a big house where weird events slowly become part of the family’s daily life. 

Objects around the house move autonomously, and even the weather seems different inside the house than it is outside. The first hour of the movie builds a lot of tension by adding such small but creepy events to the family’s routine. Then, true horror is unleashed with the help of the best visual effects available at the time. Indeed, the costs of special effects were higher than with human actors.

Ghost – 1990

Here’s a powerful dramatic story based on true love interrupted by a brutal murder. The movie brings the couple Patrick Swayze (Sam) and Demi Moore (Molly) as protagonists, yet, the Oscar that year went to Whoopi Goldberg who played the psychic Oda Mae Brown.

She plays a fake medium who claims she can communicate with Molly’s deceased husband. It started as a scam until Oda Mae realized she could talk to Sam’s spirit. Sam asks for help and begins to “haunt” Oda when she refuses and while this moment is quite comic, the rest of the movie is very romantic and even has a crime to solve: Sam’s murder.

The Green Mile – 1999

The Green Mile is based on a novel by Stephen King, directed and written by Frank Darabont. The story takes place in Death Row in Louisiana during the Depression. The movie draws its name from its green floor. Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb, the penitentiary guard in charge of the Death Row. Paul does everything he can to keep a peaceful atmosphere in such a tragic place. 

Two characters arrive at the scene to disturb his efforts. One of them is the cruel Percy, a guard who’s the governor’s nephew, who enjoys seeing men die on the chair. There’s also John Coffey, played by Michael Clark Duncan. Coffey was charged with abusing and killing two white girls but it soon becomes clear that Coffey didn’t commit the crime but was a truly gifted man with supernatural powers.

Blithe Spirit – 2020

Based on the original movie from 1945, Blithe Spirit shows that it’s also possible to laugh at paranormal stories. The new version is directed by David Lean, where Rex Harrison plays a man haunted by the spirit of his wife. 

The man seeks the help of Madame Arcati to dispel the unwanted ghost. However, the situation gets completely out of hand. Madame Arcati is played by Margareth Rutherford, which is considered one of her best performances. Indeed, her conversations with the other side are some of the best moments in this comedy. 

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