Bike Security at Home

Imagine walking out to your garage or shed to ride your bike only to find it missing. None of us would want to experience this. Sheds and garages are the ideal home security options for those without the space to store bikes inside their homes. However, they may still be prone to break-ins. 

While most bike owners would rather spend money and time on engaging riding accessories, it’s important to consider where you’ll store your bike, so it’s safe from professional thieves. Here are ADT home security tips for securing your bike and keeping thieves at bay.

Install a Bicycle Alarm

A bike alarm is a great additional home security measure for your shed or garage. A determined thief will always find a way to enter your shed, and you may not want them to linger around if they compromise your external security. The obvious move is to set the alarm.

Invest in a standalone alarm system, like the WSDCAM, or a lock that includes an alarm, like Abus’s 440A Alarm U-lock. Most would-be burglars would be stopped by an Abus U-lock alone. The options are plenty on Amazon, and your nearest bike store may also be a good place to look.

Lock the Bike to Immovable Objects

The best place to keep your bike requires the best physical barriers. You should not merely lean it against the garage or shed wall. If you store your bike indoors, lock it to something immovable, like radiator pipes that would be difficult for a thief to break into.

If you have the space, secure your bike to a concrete floor or wall by installing a ground or wall anchor. It’s arguably the best way to store your bicycle in a storage unit or garage. Set it up in a spot that cannot be seen from the outside.

Create No Easy Targets

All of us may relate to that feeling. For instance, you went out for a ride without a lock. You may have left it at home or didn’t want to bother. Then you stop, maybe for a restroom break but more likely to enjoy some time on the patio. Does it sound like your bike will be safe for the time being? We advise against taking any chances. Keep your locked bike in plain sight at all times. Always request an outdoor seat that is close to your bike.

Register and Insure Your Bike

Register the bike’s serial number in the Bike Index System after purchasing it. Should it go missing, you can let locals know about it. A witness’s report could be the key to recovering your bike if someone happens to find it and contacts you.

Having your bicycles insured can ease your mind in case something unfortunate happens. It’s vital to read the fine print of any insurance policy, and it is crucial to ensure a policy covers wherever you store your bicycles if you don’t have indoor storage.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned helpful tips will help keep your bike secure from burglars. Consider the bike(s)’ value, your financial situation, and the amount of space you have before making a final decision on where to store them. However, location should be your top priority. 

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