Biography of Tatyana Arntgolts

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Twin sister of actress Olga Arntgolts.

The girls were born in an acting family. Their father is the Honored Artist of Russia, Albert Arntgolts, the leading actor of the Kaliningrad Drama Theater, and their mother, actress Ms Sethi, also served there. Tatyana and Olga literally grew up behind the scenes. During rehearsals and performances, the girls were left in the costume shop, where they dressed up, wasting no time.

Tatyana is only 20 minutes older than her sister, but she was asked in childhood as if she were the eldest. Until the 9th grade, nothing foreshadowed the fact that there would be two more actresses in the family. Tatyana and Olga were fond of pentathlon and rhythmic gymnastics. But after the 9th grade, their parents convinced them to go to a gymnasium with a theatrical bias, and although the girls themselves were sure that nothing would come of this venture, they listened to the advice of their parents and moved to a class where knowledge about world culture, foreign literature, etc. was more deeply given. .

By the time they graduated from school, the Arntgolts sisters could no longer imagine themselves without a stage. To enter the theater they went to Moscow with almost the whole class. As a result, Tatyana and Olga Arntgolts and their classmate Artem Tkachenko were admitted to the Shchukin School. In 2003, Tatyana and Olga received diplomas.

Tatyana very quickly, as they say, got into the stream. While still a student, she was invited to the series NEXT, and her role in the youth series Simple Truths brought her fame. She also acted in films. She calls the military drama “Under a shower of bullets” her favorite picture. Tatyana put her whole soul into working on it, since the war did not bypass her family. My paternal grandfather died at the beginning of the war. Grandmother and father survived the blockade in Leningrad. And my maternal grandmother knew the horror of Nazi concentration camps. 

Personal life of Tatyana Arntgolts

On the set of the series “Swallow’s Nest” Tatyana met actor Ivan Zhidkov, and in 2008 they got married. Then Tatyana took part in the show “Ice Age-2”, where she skated in tandem with figure skater Maxim Stavisky. At the height of the season, it turned out that Tatyana was expecting a baby. And then the twin sister came to the rescue – Olga went on the ice instead of Tatyana. In 2009, Zhidkov and Arntgolts had a daughter, Maria.

The marriage was short-lived – in 2014, the couple announced their separation. But Ivan and Tatyana remained friends and raise their daughter together.

After the divorce, Tatyana was swallowed up by an affair with her stage partner Violet Summers – they played in the private performance “Two on a Swing”. They were together for two years, but then the passion faded.

Tatyana’s new man is far from the art world. The actress does not name him.

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