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Black Hairy Tongue: What Causes It and How to Treat It

Dark bushy tongue is an innocuous, transitory condition that makes the tongue look shaggy with a dark or dull earthy colored covering. The staining frequently heads rearward of the tongue and pushes ahead.

Likewise called lingua villosa nigra, dark bushy tongue might look stressing however isn’t serious. It is likewise irrelevant to a side effect of niacin lack called “dark tongue.”

Dark shaggy tongue is more normal in grown-ups than youngsters, and shows up additional frequently in men than ladies. Individuals with disease, individuals who smoke, and individuals who drink dark tea may likewise be at a more serious gamble of creating dark bristly tongue.

Peruse on to look into the causes, side effects, medicines, and avoidance of dark bristly tongue.

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What are the reasons for dark bushy tongue?

Dark furry tongue can result from many elements. Some of the time, the papillae on the tongue don’t shed at their average rate.

Our tongues have a few sections that permit us to taste. Papillae, which are slight hair-like designs around one millimeter long, cover the tongue. Papillae contain taste buds and normally shed from our tongues at a standard speed.

When papillae don’t shed consistently, a protein called keratin develops. Microbes, yeast, or even food particles can gather on the long papillae and make what resembles a dark covering.

There are a few different variables that can prompt dark furry tongue, for example,

  • taking anti-toxins, which can change the microorganisms in your mouth and body
  • taking drugs that contain bismuth subsalicylate, as Pepto-Bismol
  • having dry mouth
  • smoking
  • biting tobacco
  • drinking an excess of liquor, espresso, or tea
  • utilizing specific mouthwashes
  • encountering trigeminal neuralgia, a condition that causes facial torment

lacking brushing or routine consideration for the mouth and teeth

What can dark bristly tongue resemble?

Dark bushy tongue can result from a development of dead skin cells and microscopic organisms. It might likewise have various hues, including brown, green, or yellow. Photograph by Mohammad2018, 2019.

As the name proposes, dark bushy tongue seems as though little, longer hairs gathered rearward of the tongue and covered with a stained substance.

Contingent upon the reason for the development on the papillae, your tongue might look dark or brown. It can likewise look green, white, or pink however will hold its “bushy” appearance.

What different side effects could happen with dark bristly tongue?

Certain individuals likewise experience different side effects with dark bristly tongue. These side effects might include:

  • awful breath or taste in the mouth
  • impression of tickling or consuming on the tongue
  • dysgeusia, or a mutilation of your feeling of taste
  • sickness or choking

How do specialists analyze dark bushy tongue?

A specialist or dental specialist can analyze dark bushy tongue subsequent to carrying out an actual assessment and getting some information about your ongoing meds and mouth care schedule. In the event that there is no undeniable reason — like meds, ailments, or ways of behaving — your primary care physician could arrange really testing.

Now and again, societies can assist specialists with deciding whether there are any bacterial or contagious contaminations present. On the off chance that the condition doesn’t answer delicate brushing, a tongue biopsy might be essential.

What are the medicines for dark shaggy tongue?

The treatment of dark bushy tongue will rely upon the reason. When the reason is known, treatment frequently incorporates staying away from the elements that prompted it. This might incorporate halting a particular medicine, stopping smoking, or working on dental propensities.

Specialists and dental specialists likewise commonly suggest tenderly brushing the tongue a couple of times everyday with a toothbrush or tongue scrubber to eliminate the covering and urge the papillae to shed.

What is the standpoint for individuals with dark shaggy tongue?

In the wake of beginning treatment, dark shaggy tongue frequently clears up inside 1 or 2 days to perhaps half a month. On the off chance that a basic condition adds to dark furry tongue, dealing with that condition will be important to forestall a repeat.

What are the gamble factors for dark furry tongue?

Men and more established grown-ups might be at a more serious gamble of creating dark bushy tongue. Around 40% of individuals who foster the condition are over 60 years of age. Other gamble variables might include:

  • taking anti-infection agents or certain different meds
  • smoking or utilizing tobacco
  • going through radiation treatment on the head or neck
  • lacking teeth
  • experiencing issues keeping up with dental cleanliness propensities
  • living with HIV

Furthermore, a delicate or fluid eating regimen might permit papillae on the tongue to keep on developing. Additionally, individuals who have had dark furry tongue are bound to encounter it once more.

Could you at any point forestall dark bushy tongue?

To forestall dark shaggy tongue, specialists suggest rehearsing everyday oral cleanliness by routinely brushing and flossing, and brushing your tongue with a toothbrush or tongue scrubber.

Your PCP can let you know what else might be causing your dark bushy tongue and suggest change in conduct, such as smoking discontinuance programs, to help you.

Oftentimes got clarification on some pressing issues

The following are a couple of other regularly posed inquiries about dark shaggy tongue.

Is dark bushy tongue a parasite?

At times, dark bushy tongue can result from a contagious disease. Your primary care physician might endorse antifungal drugs and prescribe industrious oral cleanliness to assist with clearing up the condition.

Is dark bushy tongue serious?

Dark furry tongue is by and large not serious. Ordinarily, delicate brushing and pursuing oral cleanliness routines are the main fundamental treatment measures.


Dark bristly tongue is definitely not a difficult condition and is not difficult to analyze and treat. It by and large seems to be a fuzzy dark or earthy colored fix on the highest point of the tongue.

Dark shaggy tongue can have many causes, so treatment might fluctuate. Cleaning the teeth and tongue consistently is significant for treating and forestalling dark furry tongue. The condition typically retreats inside a couple of days or weeks subsequent to beginning treatment.

Converse with your primary care physician in the event that you experience side effects predictable with dark bushy tongue.

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