Book cover – an important first impression

The cover gives the Reader a crucial first impression of the book. It is the book’s advertising tool and sales package, so it should be as attractive as possible.

Determining a successful cover

It’s hard to define what a good eBook cover is. Many opinions and tastes are involved, and a good book cover can differ for different books. The most important thing is that the cover fits the book. So the cover design always starts with what kind of book it is.

It is also good to think about the deck’s functions. A cover is a marketing tool that must help distinguish the book from the masses, but on the other hand, it also follows the features of its genre. From the cover, it is necessary to see whose work it is. If the work belongs to a series, it expresses the book’s seriality and puts it in context. The cover must also tell you something about the contents of the book.

Deck building blocks

The front cover plays a crucial role in the design of the cover. It’s the one you come across in bookstores, advertising, and online stores that gets the most attention. An eBook only has a front cover. When designing a cover, it’s worth keeping in mind that on the Internet, like in online bookstores, the cover is often minimal, so the advantage is clarity and simplicity.

Cover illustration

A picture on the cover of a book can be anything: a photo, a work of art, some cartoon, or a Collage. The image can be figurative or abstract. It could be the size of a full cover paper, a little vignette, or something in between. There may not be an image, but Typography makes the cover.

Certain types of books are used to see certain kinds of images. For example, in Biographies or children’s books, the choice of an image can be simple and self-evident: it arises directly from the subject of the book. The more abstract or complex to illustrate the book’s subject, the more Imagination it takes to select and create a cover image. In general, it can be said that a photo cover is more entertaining and more accessible than a drawing cover, let alone a Typographic cover.

Text and Typography on the cover

The obligatory elements of the cover are usually considered the author’s name, the book, and information about the Publisher. The formatting of these texts alone can produce powerful messages; an image may not be needed in the first place.

In addition, the cover usually has text on the back cover and any texts on the edges. ISBN codes are required for logistics and sales. The placement of the codec can sometimes be painful, but the book must move in and out of the store. Also, don’t forget the back text – when a book ends up on a bookshelf, only the back text is usually visible.

Book format and size

The choice of format starts very concretely from the content of the book. A text-rich prose book is typically an upright rectangle because it fits in an easy-to-read text column. For example, a book of poetry can be square because the text is positioned differently on the pages; a photographic work, on the other hand, may work best in landscape format. If a book contains many pictures, tables, references, or different text Styles in addition to text, it must be larger than a regular textbook.

Choice of cover material

The choice of material can be started by implementing the book in hardcover. It is worth considering the book’s purpose: Manuals are often Handy in soft covers, as well as current non-fiction or even pamphlets and Dissertations.

Novels and, for example, big historical works that need a certain Classical dignity and durability are now often hardcover. These often also have a detachable protective cover, originally intended to protect against dust. If the book is designed for heavier use and not so much for storing on a shelf, it’s a good idea to forget the cover and print the cover directly on the overlay paper. This is now often done, for example, in the case of cookbooks.


Creating an eBook cover design may not require all the ideas explained above but some ideas dashed out are worth following. Furthermore, there are easy ways to create an eBook cover design using a book mockup generator. Mokup is a  3D graphic design software you can use to create an eBook cover even without prior knowledge of design.

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