Can I Report an Accident After 24 Hours in Canada?

Due to the stress after an accident, most people do not know what they should do. Thanks to some individuals’ quick reflexes, the casualties are reported as soon as they happen. 

But still, there are people out there who are unaware of the importance of early reporting to the police. And they keep asking, can I report an accident after 24 hours in Canada?

Well, the answer is, yes, you can. In many particular regions, the time frame within which you have to report an incident is from 10 to 2 years. However, if you are willing to wait that much longer, you should also leave the chances of winning any rewards or compensation behind. 

What Will Happen If You Report After 24 Hours?

Accidents may cause serious injuries to you, for which it may not be possible reporting an accident to the police or your insurance company. Although this delay is reasonable, it is better to seek help from your close ones or your lawyer.

We are focusing more on the reporting as early as possible because if you write one after 24 hours, you may have to face any additional troubles that you surely want to avoid right after a devastating accident.

Loss of Evidence:

If you miss reporting the accident after 24 hours, the evidence of the crash may get displaced, or the accident spot may get cleaned by the municipal. This way, it is possible that the party at fault can avoid the claim, and instead of taking the blame, they can make you the victim of a false accusation.  

The Insurance Company May Refuse to Pay:

To avoid the claim, many fraud insurance companies say that they will not pay for any of the damages that happen to their client or the car after an accident two or three days before the report.

The reason is that you may have caused the accident, or your injuries are not from the car accident you report after 24 hours. If possible, notify your insurer through the hospital you are staying in, and they will investigate the claim and administrative procedure.

Hidden Damages: 

Some people think that the minor collisions do not fall under the category to report within 24 hours. Now, they often forget that just like your health injuries, the car’s damage doesn’t surface until you take an expert opinion.

After taking the car to an auto shop, you will find scratched paint, broken axles, scuffs from tires, dings in the hood, cracks in the windshield, and other hidden damages that were caused for the minor accident.

You May Face Penalties:

Even if you are not at fault, you may get charged for a penalty from the court because you fled from the scene without reporting. The other driver might ask you to do so, but if the case is severe and you fail to report, the chances of losing the case and claim go higher.

How to Report an Accident?

An accident can happen anywhere. The only good thing in any accident is that you may have a handful of witnesses on the road to verify your role in the accident. But it would help if you acted pretty fast. Otherwise, you will not be able to get the benefits, and there is a good possibility that you may face the penalty instead of the party at fault.

To report an accident in Canada, you need to make two different reports. They are:

The Mandatory Police Report:

It is better to call 911 and report the incident right after the accident. Whether the driver cooperates to pay the damages or not, contact your nearby police station.

Some people may suggest calling the police only when the damages cross the threshold. But the threshold may vary from region to region. For example, you must contact the police if your regional damages cross CAD 2000.

Moreover, you need to inform the police if there are any casualties, severe injuries, or hit-n-run cases.

Report to Your Insurer:

You can hire a personal injury lawyer or inform the insurance company by yourself. Trying to report right after the accident occurs is the best time.


Isn’t it better to learn about the regulations of your region about road accidents before sitting behind the wheel? By following the rules, you can prevent yourself from getting into an accident or quickly claim the compensations to make your recovery fast.

Now that you know the time frame to report the accident try to follow the instructions. At most, you can take your car to the report center the next morning if the accident happened outside of business hours but don’t delay after that for your good.

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