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Can you benefit from inpatient rehabilitation for health?

There may have been an accident that has left you traumatized. Your knee may have recently been reconstructed, or you may have other health concerns that need to be addressed. Where do I go from here?’

Physical therapy or rehabilitation may be available to you as an inpatient.

For patients with comorbid conditions requiring additional supervision before they are discharged home, inpatient rehab is available. Physical therapy sessions are organized in an inpatient rehabilitation setting. The center’s medical staff provides 24-hour care in an acute or subacute setting. This allows you to remain independent and succeed at home.

Do you need an inpatient rehab program? Here is a list of factors you should consider to determine if recovery from a serious accident or surgery is the right choice for you or someone in your family.

A Physical Therapist’s time is more limited in inpatient rehabilitation

Compared to outpatient rehabilitation, where appointments typically occur two to five times a week. On the other hand, inpatient rehab physical therapy offers close monitoring and constant consultation. For instance, some people may benefit from more intensive rehabilitation procedures. It may be necessary for a person to re-learn how to walk or how to talk. One week of therapy may be required in such more severe cases. Your physical therapist usually works with you for three hours daily.

Our baptist health my chart physical therapist will help you regain movement, strength, and flexibility during your inpatient stay. Your specific exercises will be demonstrated during this time. You may focus on your bed mobility, your ability to transfer, or your ability to walk, depending on your health. The inpatient rehabilitation staff may prescribe specific exercises to help you sit up or roll over. They can also suggest ways your family members can assist you.

Sit-to-stands and transfers from your bed to a chair are other common exercises that are part of inpatient rehabilitation. You are guided through those movements by your physical therapist. Acute inpatient rehab may also involve learning how to use assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. You will be able to learn proper gait patterns and become more independent with these devices. It is important to be aware that the type of inpatient rehabilitation exercises prescribed for you depends on your health. The exercises prescribed to you may differ from person to person.

In addition, your physical therapist and doctors in your inpatient rehab program will determine whether or not you’re ready to transition to outpatient therapy. To make it as easy as possible for you to move into your new home, we strive to maximize your independence.

We offer other types of medical treatment at our inpatient rehabilitation facility.

Physical therapy is one component of inpatient rehab, but other health issues are also monitored and treated. It is important for the recovery and health of an individual to become their full-time job – especially in serious medical cases.

The goal of inpatient rehabilitation is to allow health professionals to work together in determining what is best for you and your recovery. An inpatient stroke program may be more beneficial to a patient with a second stroke. The patients receive treatment for other medical conditions while undergoing inpatient physical therapy.

First-time stroke patients may choose outpatient care if they do not have any other health problems; it depends on your situation and health overall. If you are unsure, speak to your physician or surgeon.

Your Medical Team Can Help You Decide Between Outpatient and Inpatient Rehab

You or a family member can determine whether acute inpatient rehabilitation is right for you or them by talking to the whole medical team involved. An inpatient rehab program is only possible if you have the assistance of a social worker. In order to make an informed recommendation based on your specific health condition, they will gather information from the rest of the medical team.

Your inpatient rehabilitation will be completed when you are deemed safe to integrate back into your community and will be followed by outpatient physical therapy. The better app or website can be used to find quality physical therapy clinics around you. Through our platform, you can find a physical therapist of your choice at a convenient location and time. Your recovery will be successful with our help.

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