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Can You Use A Save The Date As Your Wedding Invite?

You have agreed to spend the rest of your life with your one true love, and it is time to plan your wedding. However, there are many things to plan this time. You have many tasks to do before planning it. Let’s start by informing your guests about your wedding. The use of save the date invite can be a good idea. Wedding invitations and save the date cards are two of the vital pieces of the wedding planning method. It is not easy to decide who will join this event. This is the time to know about the use of these cards. Learn more about them in the below lines.

Wedding invitations Vs Save the date cards:

The major difference between these two is that the save the date card puts the guests on notice. On the other hand, the wedding invitation is a formal way to invite the guests. Save the date cards are sent a few months before the wedding date. You can send the save dates 9 to 12 months out for the wedding venue. It is to acknowledge the guests who have to travel internationally.

On the other hand, you can send the wedding invitation cards six to eight weeks before the wedding. In this way, you confirm their attendance and share other details regarding the event. You do not need to send invitations on time.

Who to include?

Sending save the date cars need to fill some outlines while invitations fill in details. It includes the couple’s full names, the dates or dates of the wedding, and related events. The state and city where the wedding will be organized should be there. If you are using invitation cards, you will give the couple’s names, venue, date, and time. You need to give details about the dress code or theme in the invitation cards.

Save the date card designs:

The date card designs play a vital role in snatching the guest’s attention. It is the prime source to show your love and affection to your partner. The card design is essential to make your event unique and memorable for a long time. Therefore, the majority of people prefer to use stunning and attractive cards. They focus on unique designs. There are several unique ideas about designing the cards. These ways will help making your event memorable for you and your guests.

You can pick your favorite wedding save the date postcards for this purpose. There is a minor difference between invitation cards and save the date postcard designs. What is the 1st thing to observe when picking a save the date postcard? The image or picture of the couple attracts guests. Human eyes register the image before letters. Pictures can do wonders. You need to choose a meaningful but unique picture of your engagement event on a saves the date card. It leaves a wonderful impact on others. The visual sense stimulates instantly brain to function in a certain way.

If you want to acknowledge your guests about your relationship and invitation to the wedding, you need to send them a save the date card.

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