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Are you ready to give your loved ones the wings of happiness this 2021 season? Read about the “New Year Celebration In Lockdown?” guide.


Are you ready to give your loved ones the wings of happiness this 2021 season? Well, it’s New Year here, and everyone must be thinking of having the first date of the new year full of joy, but things can’t be the same as you used to celebrate in previous years. 

We all know that we have been going through bad times as Covid; the severe covid pandemic disease has been spreading and leaving the whole world in a deadly situation. The situation is not entirely under control, and in this worse situation, we must be cautious.

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But due to this pandemic disease, you should not lose your happiness on the New Year’s occasion. Here in this article, we will share some of the best and unique ideas for celebrating New Year in lockdown season. Along with online New Year gifts, you can amaze your loved ones with happier surprises. So, here you go!

Organize A Family Gathering Party At Home

Just think about the family gathering party at home, isn’t it an excellent idea to make some beautiful memories with your family members. Indeed, it is! Decorate your home, give it a party theme and feel like you are at the place you wish to go. Nothing is happier than a valuable time with your special ones at the event of New Year. 

Play Indoor Games

A simple gathering party will be meaningless if there is no fun-loving activity. Make it exciting and lovable by playing indoor games in the New Year celebration. These fun-loving activities or games will surely bring a million-dollar smile to the face of your loved ones and make the festival a memorable one for them. 

You can include games like truth and dare, bottle rotation dare game, cards, tombola, Antakshari, etc. Amazing games turn all the mood into festive vibes and give last-longer memories. This will be real fun, all you need to try this New Year season.

Digital New Year Wishes

As we already mentioned above that the severe issue of Covid is not under control, you can’t visit your loved ones this year. In that, a digital New Year wish is a great idea to make all your loved ones feel your presence. You cannot make your physical presence around your people, but through video calls, you can see immense happiness on their faces, which gives you great joy.

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Isn’t it a great idea to wish your people the celebration of the new year? Well, it is! You can sing a song on a video call and convey your heartfelt feelings that will surely give your loved ones the wings of happiness.

Online Gifting

It’s not safe to go to the crowded market for shopping. Thus, it’s safe to shop online and order gifts online for your loved ones. At the online market, you can get a variety of options. You can get whatever you want. It’s safe to shop online gifts and deliver them to the doorstep of your loved ones. You maybe can’t make your physical presence, but these gifts will play a role in your token of love.

As we all know, gifts are the perfect way to show your love; this is the best way you can do this New Year.

Capture All The Moments In-camera Roll

Things are never the same! The occasions you celebrated last year and what you will consider this year may be different in commemorating those moments. In that, you can do the best thing is to capture all those moments in camera rolls and your phones. 

In this lockdown season, dress up like a dude and capture all the pictures that remind you of the beautiful memories of New Year. 

Celebrations are not about fancy dinners, spending time at top restaurants. It’s all about the time you spend with your loved ones. Maybe this year is not the same as the previous, but you can do more to make it enjoyable and even better and best. So, go through the ideas we mentioned earlier and enjoy with your loved ones with a bite of New Year cake. We believe you like the ideas and will surely try all this in 2021. Hope you love reading “New Year Celebration In Lockdown”

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