Chinese Traditional Massage In Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Chinese massage is very different to Thai Massage or general Western massage. Chinese massage is non-medical and natural. The masseur applies the points using his own hands. He then uses techniques such as push, take and press to strengthen and regulate yin/yang. Chinese massage can be a great option if you suffer from chronic back pain.

1. Master Cai’ s Foot Bath

Master Cai’s Foot Bath is a professional foot and body massage center that offers foot baths. All the masseurs hail from China. They are experts in muscle massage. Muscle massage is done by using your fingers and tips to press on the points. These massages are based in Chinese medicine and can be used to treat fatigue or other health problems.

2. Rejenue Johor Bahru
HONGKONG’s Rejenue is a 14-year-old tradition. Their original beauty treatment is what has made them so beloved by women. The Rejenue has been around for 14 years. Massages can be used to relax and enhance your beauty. Many women love to go to their shops for massages.

3. BigFoot Ancestor
BigFoot ancestor is located in central Johor Bahru, Malaysia. This spot is popular for city workers who visit it to find relief from work stress. It is a must-try!

4. Foot Bath House Reflexology Foot Bath Kaki-Kaki
Kaki-Kaki, located in Plaza Sentosa, is the largest family-style health care center in Johor. The largest family-style health foot care center in Johor is Kaki-Kaki Reflexology, located in Plaza Sentosa.

5. Family Chinese-Thai Spa
Relieve stress and tension with shiatsu massage and foot bath services. A masseur will treat you by targeting the area of your body that is causing pain. This will relieve stiff neck, back and sciatic nerve pain.

6. Kaki – Kaki Reflexology Sutera
Kaki-kaki Reflexology is a low-key, stylish and luxurious spa that offers a personalised professional pressure treatment. This spa also offers cupping medicine, which can be used to relax tight and tense muscles Guests will feel relaxed with their personalized service.

7. Huangzu Xuan Massage Center
The masseurs are over 150 and use traditional Chinese meridians opening techniques to relieve fatigue. Anyone is welcome to make a reservation!

8. Medical Hall Massage Center

Medical Hall Massage Center offers traditional meridians as well as orthodontic massage. The service includes foot and whole body massages, and the most important thing to us is the cupping and scraping.

You can also go to the hospital if you have a problem in your spine. Because there are always people waiting, you can make an appointment.

9. Tang Medical Hall
Tang Medical Hall is a historical medical hall. This service includes all aspects of massage from Chinese medicine to modern massage. Every masseur has more than 10 years experience. The masseur will massage your Acupoints to relieve pain.

10. Wangzu Buluo

There are many massage options available, including Shiatsu, Meridians and shoulder and neck massages, aromatherapy, and scrub. The unique feature of Taman Sentosa branch is the Korean-style steaming zone. From the ancient yellow mud steaming, to the modern high-tech, multi-purpose, high-performance, new-generation cell bath.

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