Common Types Of Glass Available in The Market

Glass is one of the main materials being used for construction home decor and furniture. It currently is being used in hundreds of applications  so there are different types of glass available in the market to fulfill different requirements and needs. Each type comes with its specific pros and cons and has a different price range.  Following are some of the common types of glass which you can consider for your project.

Annealed Glass

This is the most basic type of glass and also the cheapest option. Annealed glass is a simple type of glass which is not gone through a glass toughening process. Annealed glass don;t come with safety features because when it breaks it shatters in large pieces which can be harmful and can cause cuts or injuries. 

Usage: Annealed glass can be used as table tops and window glass where there is not much risk of breakage associated. 


  • It is the cheapest option.
  • Annealed glass is easily customizable. You can cut it at home with a simple glass cutter.
  • It can be replaced easily when broken.


  • Annealed glass can be harmful when broken. It don;t shatter in small pieces like tempered glass. 
  • Annealed glass is less stronger than any other type of glass. It cannot bear extra pressure. 
  • Annealed glass can crack in extreme weathers and dont have the ability to bear extremely low or high temperatures. 

Tempered Glass:

Tempered glass is the most commonly used type of glass. It is a general purpose glass which comes in different styles. Tempered glass is actually an advanced form of annealed glass. A toughening process which heats annealed glass converts it into tempered glass. Tempered glass is also known as safety glass because of its safety feature. Tempered glass shatters in small pieces which makes it less harmful when broken. 

Usage: Tempered glass is used in hundreds of applications like glass table tops, shower doors, windows, glass doors, railings etc. It comes in different styles like clear glass, frosted glass, tinted glass or low iron glass.  


Main advantage of tempered glass is that it breaks in small pieces which makes it less harmful and reduces the chances of injuries. 

Tempered glass is 2 times stronger than annealed glass. It can bear extra pressure

Tempered glass can also bear extreme weather conditions.


Tempered glass cannot be cut or reshape after the toughening process so it is not easily customizable.
Tempered glass is a bit more costly than annealed glass.

Laminated Glass

It is actually two panels of tempered glass joined by a thin transparent layer which holds the glass pieces together upon shattering. This feature makes laminated glass the strongest and most secure type of glass. Following are some benefits and disadvantages of laminated glass.


Laminated glass is used in windows, pool fences, shower doors, glass railings.


It is the strongest type of glass. Laminated glass can bear extra pressure and it is not easy to break. 

Laminated glass is the safest type of glass because its pieces don’t spread on the floor when broken.


Laminated glass is costly.

Laminated glass is heavy and not easy to move.

These are the three most common types of glass which are available in almost all glass stores. You can consider any option according to your project needs.

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