Computer Repairs in Melbourne & Repairs Services

We are Computer Cures, we offer rapid and reliable Computer repairs, upgrades, and other services for the majority of models of computers, including Lenovo, HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, Alienware, and even custom-built computers that you purchase from your local computer retailer.

Computers that are slow and insecure are extremely frustrating to work with and could have a negative impact on productivity.

The faffing about with computer settings and restarts as well as online tutorials and DIY computer repairs can consume hours of your working day.

Underperforming PCs Are Seriously Frustrating

The most frequent issues that our clients face can be found in:

  • PC is extremely difficult to start or to use
  • PC won’t power on, or randomly reboots
  • Windows error messages
  • Faulty hard drive errors
  • Internet and email issues
  • Windows applications won’t start normally
  • Your desktop or PC is suffering from the virus or malware virus
  • Blue screen error messages (BSOD – Blue Screen of Death)
  • Sound and video are not available.
  • Intermittent freezing
  • You’ve deleted important data
  • Your login password needs to be reset since you’ve lost your password.
  • Randomly freezes/crashes or freezes.
  • Windows software updates error
  • Internet access is not available or Drop-outs of Wi-Fi

If you are able to relate to any of them, your computer is probably due for repair.

What Causes PCs to Break Down?

There are a variety of reasons that lead to a computer’s performance being poor which include:

  • Incompatible or out of date software
  • A failed hard drive, memory or motherboard
  • The buildup of dust conducts electricity, can cause damage or short-circuits to inside your computer.
  • Software that is not stable or unstable updates
  • Poor computer maintenance
  • Software that is pirated
  • Age (older than 7 years old)
  • Serious virus infection
  • Older versions of Windows

Fortunately, we are able to fix most of these issues and get your computer back functioning.

Why Should I Hire a Professional to Fix My PC?

Would you repair your vehicle, or try to tackle your own electric wiring? We don’t. We do not have the experience or experience of an electrician or mechanic when it comes to the kind of repairs that require them, we could cause more harm.

It’s the same with your laptop computer. DIY repairs to your PC could result in permanently deleted images and files and a computer completely destroyed or one which doesn’t function even. It could be a disaster.

What About Free Repair Software?

Clean-up and tune-up applications can make your problem more difficult since they don’t think about the many essential factors that make your PC’s situation distinctive.

In order to give you the highest quality results, We conduct an extensive examination to determine the issue. Then, we consider the version of Windows you’re using and the kind of problem we’re facing and whether or not you’ve backups of your computer, and any other factors that could be contributing to the issue.

These elements, along with our expertise, help us determine which solution is most suitable for your particular requirements and your current requirements. We ensure that we can provide a clear explanation (without technical jargon) of the issues with your PC, the reasons it’s not performing as expected and what are the most effective alternatives.

PC Repairs: Updating Your Computer

Alongside repairs to your PC, we can also carry out regular upgrades. This can be the most efficient method to increase the performance and durability of your device.

Here are some of the updates that we can assist you with:

  • Upgrades to your hard drive as well as replacements. It is possible to need this when your hard drive has a problem or you continue to exhaust your space
  • RAM upgrade (RAM) to boost the speed of your computer
  • Most recent Microsoft Windows installations (Windows 10 and 11)
  • Microsoft Office 2021 or Office 365 installation
  • New computer installations
  • Transfers of data from computers that are old
  • New video card installation

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