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Corfu ranks among the most beautiful islands in Greece

Corfu has managed to maintain its natural beauty and has attracted tourists to the islands since it was first discovered in 1807 by English diplomat Sir Charles H. Somerset.

Nowadays, Corfu remains a popular tourist destination each year, but it is also home to an abundance of historical buildings and monuments. It is ranked among the most beautiful 25th Island of Greece, with its stunning views, closeness to nature, sandy beaches, hot springs, and imposing castles.

Corfu is situated in the Ionian Sea

just off the coast of Greece. It is a large island, with many bays, coves, and beaches that dot its coastline. The island’s capital and the major city is Corfu town, which can be easily reached from Athens by ferry. From Corfu town head north on the Adriatic highway for about an hour and you are in the resort of Paleokastritsa.
The island has a mild climate throughout summer and winter. In summer, the air temperature usually ranges from about +18 to +24 degrees Celsius whereas the water temperature is between +15 and +22 degrees. The night-time temperature is around 7 degrees. In winter, the air temperature is a bit lower at between about +14 and +16 degrees, and the water temperature at between around 0 and 3 degrees. The night temperatures are around 14 degrees.

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Beautiful City of Corfu

The main town is the historical and beautiful city of Corfu, which has a population of around 30,000 inhabitants. Its center has many attractive shops and restaurants, while its narrow and cobbled alleys offer a unique feel. The famous street with stone houses, Kolonaki Street (known in English as ‘Corfu Street’), is one of the most romantic settings of the city.
The central area is pedestrianized and features hundreds of cafes, bars, and restaurants.

The central area is pedestrianized and features hundreds of cafes, bars, and restaurants. The old district of Corfu town is a must-see. The city of Corfu has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the Archaeological Site of Daphni.

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The main sightseeing spots are:

Corfu Port has several museums, including one dedicated to the Battle of Lepanto and another that covers Corfu’s history from prehistoric times up to today. The Church of St. Spyridon is an important religious center, as well as the Church of the Madonna of Carmel, which contains an icon painted by El Greco. Many beautiful old homes have been preserved, along with 19th-century mansions decorated with Venetian-style façades.

The Myrtos Beach (also called Palaiokastritsa) can be reached after a drive along the long sandy beach for about 50 minutes from Corfu port. The beach is well organised with amenities, such as a restaurant and a bar. The road to Palaiokastritsa crosses the forest of Paleokastritsa (also known as “Myrtou”), which was planted in the late 18th century by Lord Minto, a British nobleman. The forest has been declared a protected area since 1910 and covers an area of about 260 hectares.

The beach at Myrtos is not very deep but there is good swimming in an area about 40 m from the shoreline. There are also shallow areas for children that are well supervised by the lifeguards. Nearby there are many beautiful small beaches with crystal clear water that are perfect for snorkeling.

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