Cosmetology care procedures

Skin cleansing can be achieved in two ways – peeling or cleaning. These procedures can be done manually with tools and abrasives or with special mesotherapy products, devices/chemicals. Comprehensive face care involves a professional selection of cosmetics for the gradual restoration of facial skin. Care procedures are the most pleasant and safest ways of affecting the skin, and have amazing effectiveness. As a result of such procedures, the skin becomes taut and smooth, while emitting a special glow characteristic of the skin in youth.

Types of care procedures

Here are some of the most popular types of cosmetology care procedures.

Facial massage

Cosmetic face massage is an excellent exercise for muscles. It is with the help of this procedure that you can make the skin of the face elastic, as well as get rid of wrinkles.

A massage that is performed according to all the rules has a significant effect on lymphatic drainage, as well as on the microcirculation of blood flow. Due to this, signs of puffiness disappear from the face. When the massage is carried out correctly, the tissues are saturated with the necessary amount of oxygen. Therefore, the skin after the massage looks well-groomed and healthy. Therefore, consider getting the best lymphatic drainage massage dubai to help boost your skin and wellness.

Certain massage techniques allow you to get rid of various wrinkles, including facial ones. Also, this method is quite an effective way to combat the first signs of aging. You can also get rid of the hated second chin and sagging skin with the help of massage.

A properly performed massage is an opportunity to make the skin elastic, fresh, and young.

It’s no secret that a huge number of biological points are located on the face. Since each of the points is responsible for the work of any organ, their stimulation leads to the improvement of the work of the whole body. A proper facial massage makes you feel harmony not only in your body but also in your soul.

Non-surgical facelift

An effective procedure aimed at lifting the face oval. The effect is visible already after the first procedure. Special component masks give the skin a healthy, radiant look, even out the tone, and keep the chin and cheek area lifted. This procedure is used as an express procedure and can be done before important events to have a flawless look.

Stop couperose

The referral procedure is aimed at improving microcirculation in blood vessels and reducing manifestations of couperosis, sensitivity, and redness of the skin. The procedure includes an active anti-couperous ampoule and anti-couperous alginate. When periodically undergoing this procedure, clients notice that the skin ceases to be so reactive, redness in the sun, cold, and from a towel disappears. Manifestations of couperosis become less noticeable, and new capillaries do not appear.

Deep hydration

The procedure is aimed at achieving the maximum hydration of the skin, due to the use of active moisturizing ampoules and a mask. This procedure should be done especially in the summer, before and after the sea. This procedure relieves dryness and flaking of the skin.

Thermal rejuvenation

The procedure uses a special thermoactive gypsum mask and active lifting concentrates for an instant face-lifting effect. This procedure is indicated for those who want to tighten the chin, reduce the oval of the face and smooth out wrinkles. It is also an express procedure.

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