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Daring Fairytale Costume Ideas for Halloween

Are you ready for just a little bit of magical whimsy? No one is ever too old for fairytales, so go ahead and relive your childhood dreams this Halloween, because we have just the thing for you. First of all, we need to get you into a fairytale-inspired costume! Choose one of these costumes, and you’ll be writing your own fairytale this Halloween!

Fairytale Princess Costumes

From fairy frocks and sexy, skimpy maiden dresses to princess gowns and greek goddess garments, we have everything you need to have you looking like you’ve stepped straight from the pages of a storybook, all without the help of a fairy godmother! 

To give you a hand in preparation for your next Halloween party, we made a list of daring fairytale costume ideas for you to pore over this Halloween, and there’s always something for everyone. Get a load of sexy plus size halloween costumes and get started on living that fairytale dream.

Not-so-little Red Riding Hood

Rewrite old fairy tales and add your own spice to it as the flirty and fabulous new lead in the story. Be sure to raise temperatures and make the party goers hot under the collar with a  grown up take on the classic little red riding hood. If you’re heading to a themed Halloween party, then this is it!

All you need for this look is an off-the-shoulder white ruffled top with a black waist corset over the top. The skirt can be made up of a red and white plaid pattern. However, this skirt is much shorter than the one worn by Red Riding Hood and has stunning white lace detailing on the rim. To finish off your look, it can also include a short hooded red cape. Dress up in this sexy number and you’ll be at the front of the queue in no time when buying groceries for grandma. Who’s ready for the fairy tale party?

After Midnight Cinderella

Even when the clock strikes midnight, you’ll still look stunning in a Cinderella costume. For this sexy princess costume, you will need a boned sweetheart crop top, garter panty with shimmer sheer skirt, ribbon choker, and matching hair band. Pair your storybook character costume with thigh highs to take this cosplay costume look to the next level.

This outfit will make the inner little girl in you giddy now that you’re dressed up as a princess. And this Halloween, you’ll be everyone’s favorite princess wherever you go. Not even staying out past midnight will stop you from catching everyone’s attention. Go ahead and show off that Cinderella sexy fairy tale costume this spooky season.

Modern Day Sleeping Beauty

Growing up, did you fall in love with the Disney film Sleeping Beauty? Were you entranced by her striking fairy-tale look? This Halloween night, it’s your chance to look as picture perfect as the sleeping princess herself, straight out of a fairy tale. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your prince at that fancy dress party! Wear the Sleeping Beauty costume and you’ll feel like a princess no matter the event you’re attending.

Get the full sexy fairytale costume with a stunning pink dress that hugs your body just right, accentuating your curves, and an off-shoulder look with a corset-style top with white rim detailing. To complete the ultimate sexy Sleeping Beauty costume, put on a beautiful tiara a la Aurora. Now all there’s left to do is wait for Prince Charming to come over and you can live happily ever after! 

Sexy Pirate Queen 

With a fancy pirate costume, you’ll be a fine match for any foe who dares to make you walk the plank. Get the look with a long white sleeve top with a ruffled neckline and a long green waistcoat that goes over the top. You might also want to include a pair of black trousers to keep you warm whilst at sea. To accessorize you out to the max, pop on a black waspie with gold detailing to show off your waist, a belt to match, black boot toppers, and finally, a brown pirate hat. So what are you waiting for? Show all the other pirates out there who get to rule the ship!

Live Out Your Fairy Tale Dreams this Halloween

From a daring little red riding hood costume to a sexy pirate queen that rules over all seven seas, these sexy plus size halloween costumes are sure to make you the life of every party you step into this Halloween! Don’t restrict yourself to the usual costumes, go crazy and let your inner princess come out this time. Whenever you feel like you need some quick burst of inspiration for your next Halloween party, just bust out this guide, and you’re good to go. Get all the treats that’s fit for a fairytale princess just like you!

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