Deciding on The Right Type of Material for Your Home Theatre Seating

Deciding on the best home theatre seating for your room is a fun activity, however, if you’re not aware of the different options, you could be missing out on some great and affordable selections. There may be a few things to consider such as the design, material, cushioning and if you want a recliner or not.

All these additional features will enhance your experience and make it worth your while and your investment. So what choices do you have? We look at two common types of categories of materials used to cover seating options in home cinemas, below.

Choosing the right material should be easy right? Well, not really. There are three main categories you can decide on. Either faux leather, fabric or natural leather could do the trick. It comes in different gradients, and here is a quick guide into how to see which one it is.

Faux Leather

This is a type of imitation leather, that is made out of either PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or PU which is polyurethane and is a man-made material. It looks and feels like the real thing but is not.

They aren’t made from any animal products and are a natural alternative and can sometimes be comfortable and durable depending on how well it is made. If you are looking for a more affordable option you could go with this, however, there is no guarantee it will last you a long time and you may need to get your seats reupholstered after some time.

In comparison to the real thing, however, it does not offer the advantages of natural comfort and warmth and is not a breathable one either so may start to smell after prolonged use:

Natural Leather

One of the popular choices for most is natural leather. This is because it is comfortable, warm and easy to clean. The fact that it also looks good, may have something to do with it. In terms of natural leather, there are some sub-categories you can choose some which are better than others.

Bonded Leather: this is almost like a recycled material that is manufactured from leftover pieces of other types of leather and is bonded via the use of a bonding agent or glue. It is then laid out onto a fibre sheet and depending on how efficient the process is, you can get a good quality one that can last you a long time or a semi-good one.

It is, however, susceptible to flaking in the long run, as expected from the fibres. But you can match the colour and pattern o various items in your room and it could just complement it. Some come in a mixed style with the bonded leather only on the arms and back and the seat itself has a different material. If your looking for a budget-friendly option this could be it.

Full Grain: when the hides top layer is used to produce leather, you know it is of good quality. It would not have been treated extensively, so that it retains its uniqueness and imperfections, much like how a high-quality diamond would.

Those who are looking for the absolute best would invest in this as it can be at a higher price.

Corrected or Split Grain: once the top layer has been removed, the remaining bottom layers are what this is made out of. Suffice to say the top layers are not as strong or tough as these bottom ones so this is a more robust material but less common in-home theatre furniture, but can be included in other items around the house.

Top Grain: this is also another option that uses the top layer and is known as ‘top grain leather’ in most shops and online stores, but the difference is that the surface of the material is sanded to remove, rather than keep, the imperfections, until has a smooth finishing. It turns it into a more flexible leather which is then easier to cover seats with.

The top grain leather home theatre seating is a great option for you if you are keen on something that looks good, feels good, is comfortable and does not wither away after frequent use. It is of high-quality and many types of other furniture pieces are made from it like stools, coffee tables, desks, chairs and more. It is also an easy one to colour into different shades, and several methods are used to do this.

So now you can decide between the real thing for comfort and return of your investment, or the fake one which could provide what you are looking for. As seats are the primary part of any home cinema, it is vital to choose the best ones, by testing them out and doing some research, otherwise, you risk losing guests and spoiling what could be an enjoyable experience.

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