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Designer’s choice wreath

Are you looking for a custom wreath that will complement your home or business? Look no further than our designer’s choice wreath. Our expertly trained staff has hand-selected the best of the best from our vast selection of decorative items.

And we’ve put them together in this one easy-to-order package!

Buttons, ribbons, and bells

Buttons, ribbons, and bells are common elements in traditional wreaths. The button wreath tradition can be traced back to the 16th century.  When people hung personal items on their front doors during the Christmas season. Today, buttons are still used for decoration purposes. But now, they hold more sentimental value as well.

Ribbons were originally used by farmers as a way of keeping hay in place on their carts or horses’ harnesses. They soon became popular with people who wanted to add some color and cheerfulness to their homes during holiday seasons. Ribbons were also used as an alternative to bowing ties during this time period because they were inexpensive.

However, they have since become more sophisticated, and complex designs have appeared over time.  Such that today there’s no limit to what you can do with them! When you want something simple but elegant, try using ribbon woven into your wreath instead of using wire hangers. Which tend not only to make it look bulky but also take up too much space inside your home as well!”

Spun cotton balls, twigs, and springs of leaves

The designer has chosen spun cotton balls to adorn their wreath. Spun cotton balls are made of cotton fibers that are spun into a soft, fluffy ball. They are traditionally used in crafts and projects that require a high-quality material.  They create a beautiful texture in this wreath design.

Twigs are also used in this wreath design. Twigs can be found at most craft stores and hardware stores and can add a rustic feel to any project. In this case, the twigs make the wreath look more natural and full by giving it some depth.

Springs of leaves have been included throughout the piece as well. This helps give it more texture and make it appear fuller than if there were only one type of decoration on each branch or stalk.

Bright colors and lots of pearls

People often say that a little color can go a long way. This wreath is a good example of that, as it brings a lot of punch to the room without being too overwhelming or garish. If you’re looking for something with bold, bright colors and lots of bling, this is the perfect choice for you!

Quirky shapes

The most impressive part of this wreath is how well it fits into the space. The designer chose to use a variety of different sizes, shapes, and textures. This creates interest without being distracting or overpowering.

The mix of shape, color, and texture is especially effective here because it creates a focal point for your eye to land on when you enter the room. It also makes this space feel very cozy!

Flowers of all sizes

The flowers you use for this project can be of all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Feel free to use the flowers that are in season in your area or whatever you happen to have on hand.

It’s up to you what size wreath you want, but I recommend using at least two different types of flowers and some greenery to fill it out. If you want more help sizing your wreath, check out this post: Sizing Your Wreaths

Our designer’s choice wreath is sure to meet all your decorative needs.

The Designer’s Choice Wreath is sure to meet all your decorative needs.

This wreath features:

  • Color: Yellow, green, and orange in varying shades
  • Texture: Soft fur, leaves, and berries with a velvety finish
  • Whimsy: A whimsical crown of whimsical flowers


In this article, we’ve looked at some of the things to consider when you’re designing your own wreath. We’ve also shared some examples from our range of designer’s choice wreaths so that you can see what’s possible. For more information, visit our website or contact us!

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