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DIY hand dryer repair

In the previous article on our website, you could read about the design of hand dryers and understand that there is nothing complicated about it. There are only 3-4 electrical components in the dryer that can fail: the motor, the heating element, the switching element and the electronic board.

If you have a classic type hand dryers installed (the air flow should not be very strong) works, but the air is very slow or cold, then the heating element is most likely broken. It is recommended to replace it, because. otherwise, your visitors will not be too happy, because the hand drying time will increase to 1 minute.

If your hand dryer won’t turn on

We strongly advise you to contact the service center. If you have a NOFER automatic hand dryer  installed, we are always ready to help you, provide you with a telephone consultation, take you to a service center or even organize a service specialist to visit you on site. If you have a hand dryer from another manufacturer and would like a telephone consultation, we are ready to help you. Call +7(495) 602-05-85 we will always be happy to help you. If for some other reason you are unable or do not want to contact us, please follow these simple instructions:

1) Try to adjust the sensor adjustment accuracy, it may not be set correctly. To do this, you will need to remove the cover of the dryer and find the adjustment screws, which are usually located on the electronic board. Perhaps your device is too close to the floor or sink and the sensor cannot work correctly due to this installation. This method is only relevant if you have a sensor hand dryer installed .

If the first step did not help you, most likely one of the three main electrical components of the dryer failed: Motor, device or electronic board.

2) We recommend that you start the diagnosis with the actuator device (sensor or button). If your dryer has a power button, check its connection to the electronic board. If you have a dryer with a sensor and the adjustments from the first step did not work for you, then you will need to find a device of the same model and try to swap the sensors. If the dryer works with the new sensor, you simply need to order and install a new sensor. As a rule, this spare part is quite inexpensive.

3) If after replacing the sensor, your dryer has not come to its senses, then most likely the matter is in the electronic board (the brains of the dryer). To diagnose its failure, you will need to do the same operation as with the sensor, namely, find a similar dryer that works and swap the electronic boards. If this step was successful and your dryer is working, you will need to replace the electronic board, which will cost about 30-50% of the cost of the dryer, regardless of the manufacturer.

4) If all the above steps did not help, your unit has a broken engine. As a rule, in this case it is more profitable to buy a new commercial hand dryer.

In any case, it is recommended that you contact a service center in case of a breakdown, even if you yourself were able to determine what was wrong with your dryer.

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