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Elliot Berard On Douglas James Marketing Course Review – Is Passive Income Possible!

Elliot Berard slaved at a 9 to 5 job just like everyone several years ago. He did not enjoy it but it paid his bills! For many, a stable job with a predictable monthly check is a success but for Elliot, it was not. He missed something!

  • He wanted to feel independent, free, and happy!
  • He did not desire to beg for a salary increase that hardly matched the inflation!
  • He wished to live a life without being handcuffed to a job he felt unattached to!

Elliot started a blog called ibuyireview on online courses, affiliate marketing, MLM advice, and more. He even stumbled across an online course that educated him on how to earn income online by helping local businesses. He invested a lot of money in buying online courses or products to review. 

Elliot came across Douglas James’ Marketing course associated with how to promote business online and increase profits. He decided to write Douglas James reviews for his followers. 

Douglas James Marketing course is about online marketing strategy lead generation or digital marketing. In digital marketing, stakes are high including consistent pressure. DJ was successful on Facebook ad campaigns, where lots of customers were attracted and enhanced his company’s revenue. This acquired success was shared with interested people in his online training classes.

The course is for beginners and experienced marketers. More than 100 different videos are displaying how to market an online business and make money. DJ believes there is no need to have any experience in marketing. Learners passion and desire to become a successful digital marketer are sufficient. 

Douglas James Marketing courses focus on the basic ingredient for success – how to grow a business. The content is fixated on providing quick results. It teaches students how to find and close the deal with potential clients. Students can enjoy their freedom and earn money without any worries about how will they pay the next month’s bills. The course educates students on how to run a Facebook ad successfully. 

Several people have bought the course and flourished but need some work at the start. To become a successful digital marketer time and effort is required to make real money. The dilemma here is everything appears legitimate, but how people can attain success with ease seems exaggerated. There are hardly any success stories supporting it or sufficient positive reviews. 

According to Elliot, digital marketing strategy is remarkable, but if research is ignored there can be a waste of money. Facebook ad management is challenging, but according to DJ’s marketing course, it seems simple, if followed. 

Nevertheless, his classes lack in offering instructions on ways to overcome possible hurdles. Students are advised on how they can succeed in lead generation and Facebook ads, but if things go haywire there is no suggestion on how to get back on the right path. 

Douglas says that students will learn how he succeeded in making millions on Google Adwords, but will not say why he is competent to teach others how to attain success. Hoe fails to reveal his credentials and even his personal details. The courses provided are significantly costly and lack transparency!

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