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Enthralling Places to Explore in Rameshwaram

Residing in the sea region of the “Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserves,” Rameshwaram is famously known as the “Island City.”  Among the Char Dhams of India, this small but gorgeous place is an avid area for devotees worldwide. Rameshwaram will surely quench your thirst for spirituality and peace. So, pack your bags and grab your flight offers for Rameshwaram on HappyEasyGo for a sacred and divine journey to the alluring places of this religious city. Here are the places you can explore during your time here-

  1. Lakshmana Tirtham

The Lakshmana Tirtham in Rameshwaram is both spiritually and architecturally attractive. If you are looking for bliss and serenity, this is the right spot for you. The place also has a sacred pond where people take a holy dip during their visit to the temple. Lakshmana Tirtham’s close proximity to the Ramanathaswamy Temple makes it easily accessible for devotees and other tourists.

  1. Villoondi Tirtham

The Villoondi Tirtham is a place which you can easily visit even during your short trip to Rameshwaram. The place is famous for its buried bow legend. It is believed that Lord Rama dipped a bow in the land around the Villoondi Tirtham to get water for his wife Sita when she was thirsty. Because of this, this area is considered sacred and visited by locals and tourists. Do not forget to visit the renowned temple of Ekantha Ramar, which is situated near to this place. 

  1. Agni Theertham

Among the 64 sacred baths in India, Agni Theertham tops the list of the most religious places in Rameshwaram. It is said that taking a dip in this sea will rid you of your sins and make you pure. Holistic rituals for the dead ancestors are performed on the shores of this beach. Pilgrims who wish to take a sacred bath inside the Rameshwaram Temple must take a dip in Agni Theertham before proceeding. 

  1. Adam’s Bridge

You cannot and should not miss this unique tourist place in Rameshwaram. The Adam’s Bridge or commonly called the Rama Setu is a historic bridge that connects the island of Rameshwaram to the north-western coast of Sri Lanka. The bridge comprises a network of limestone shoals starting from Dhanuskodi connected to the Indian mainland by a 2 km bridge. The bridge has always been a hot topic among historians and archaeologists. It is one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the jaw-dropping town of Rameshwaram. The geographical and religious significance of this place attracts tourists from around the world.

  1. Water Bird Sanctuary

If you are a nature enthusiast, this sanctuary is one of the best to visit in Rameshwaram. The town of Rameshwaram isn’t just a religious spot. All visitors who have visited the famous and unique temples of the city can head to explore the Water Bird Sanctuary. Abode to a wide variety of native and migratory water birds, the Water Bird Sanctuary is truly a paradise for bird watchers. The sanctuary is a battalion of migratory birds who flock here every year to breed and feed their offspring from October to January. The sanctuary is situated in the Ramanathapuram district of Rameshwaram and is among the tranquil places in the town. The Water Bird Sanctuary is open between 7 AM and 6 PM. 

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