Everything You Wanted To Know About Live Streaming A Wedding

There are traditional ceremonies that help in preserving the sanctity of marriage and reverberate the vows that mark the beginning of the journey of a couple’s life as members of the same family. Some festivities have become a community or a family tradition. Others are practiced to lighten up the mood and get people to know each other to participate in the merriment. 

A wedding ceremony can be both sacred and also signify the unison of two individuals who decide to support and live with each other through life’s highs and lows. Traditionally communities and families have been invited to wedding parties to witness and bless the couple when they are embarking on a new journey. However, not everyone can make it to the wedding of their loved ones. 

Nowadays, wedding live streaming service is possible with advanced communication tools that enable both free and paid live streams easily. So all your guests can make it to your wedding, either in person or watch the ceremony virtually as it happens. 

Here are some reasons why people should consider live-streaming their wedding:

  1. Family and friends who are unable to attend the wedding can participate in your wedding as it happens. 
  2. Couples considering elopement and micro weddings can include the remainder of the guests who are not attending in person to view the couple walking the aisle and exchange rings and vows.
  3. There are family members who are considerate to buy a worthwhile gift with the money they need to spend for traveling. They don’t have to miss the fun and still bless you. 
  4. The live-streaming is recorded and can be edited as wedding videos for future reference and revisiting of nostalgia. 

If you have decided to live-stream your upcoming wedding, then these tips can be useful for you: 

Live-streaming equipment

Going live is easy with the improved camera pixels of smartphones. A basic phone can be used to go live in this digitally-advanced, social-media frenzy world and is often done by friends to pose in their insta stories. Nevertheless if one is looking for better pictures, one can either buy or borrow a tripod, a camera, and a light source to shoot the wedding ceremony or hire a professional who can do justice from all the right angles. 

Professional or DIY streaming

Often photographers can offer packages that include live-stream and videography. If you have not decided on the services of a photographer, see if they can offer a package covering both video and pictures. 

If you have friends who are capable of live-streaming and don’t mind pitching in, then you can think of involving them. However, it is recommended to go with a professional as they are experienced in handling the camera angles and can shoot among people without any flaws to the end product. They know how to telecast the wedding live in high-definition video quality with the right number of frames per second for the quality. 

Inform your guests

It is highly unlikely that your guests will know the details about the live-stream unless you convey that to them. It is very difficult to convey the message to each person unless you have planned the details of the live stream well in-advance and can send it out as notes in your invitation. 

In case a couple has not been able to finalize the live-stream details in advance, they can create a temporary link for all the wedding updates. Your guests can log in and check the updates which will include the live-stream details as and when it is available. They will be able to enjoy the entire experience from their homes and yet be with you in spirit.

Personalize the chats

To make the experience interactive for the virtual guests who are watching the live stream of your wedding, you can display their messages on a screen for other guests to see. People attending in person can send video messages that are recorded as part of live-streaming


Technology is helping us go out of our way to bridge the barriers that keep us away from participating in family weddings. A grandma undergoing treatment can watch you exchange your rings from her comfortable chair in senior care and share the snippets with her acquaintances and friends when you live-stream the wedding. 

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