Exclusive Christmas Gift Ideas For Expecting Mothers

Stepping into a new journey can be blissful for a woman, but it comes with multiple challenges. One such challenging journey is becoming a mother as they go through different phases during pregnancy. Whether the one who’s expecting is your sister, sister-in-law, friend, or colleague, it is a great idea to pamper them with some gifts during the festive season to add moments of enthusiasm.

If you have an expecting mother at home, in the office, or in a friend circle, then you can make them happy during this Christmas season by gifting them some exclusive items. We have thoughtfully listed here some gift items that she will need during or after pregnancy. You can consider buying these as they are practical, useful, and the best gifts for new mothers.

1] Comfortable Slip-On Shoes

During pregnancy, women are advised to avoid wearing heels as it may affect their bone and muscle health. So slip-on shoes are the best substitute for them in such cases as they are comfortable and keep her feet warm.  She can use it to go on morning walks and other places, and this item can be used even post-pregnancy. You have colour and design options that you can choose as per your liking.

2] Essential Oil And Diffuser

It is important for the new mom to be positive, and hence, you can gift her something that can help her maintain a good mood. Essential oils and diffusers can be the best Christmas gift online that you can order as they are known to regulate a good mood. There are several fragrance options like lavender, lime, vanilla, orange, and others that you can get for her. Since it’s the time she would get sensitive to certain smells, you must pay attention to it while ordering.

3] Pregnancy Pillow

With a baby in the belly, it is hard for women to sleep in the positions they want to, but you can help her do so. Get a pregnancy pillow for her that usually comes in a C-shape. In the C-shaped pillow, she has to place herself in the middle and rest her legs, arms and stomach on the soft foam that surrounds her body. This way, she’ll be able to sleep more comfortably and can change positions at night as she sees fit.

4] Sonogram Picture Frame

Remember the first sonogram picture of the baby that was taken? You can use it to create a memorable and thoughtful gift for the expecting mother. Make a copy of the picture and put it in a beautiful frame with the date it was taken engraved on it. The moment a mother sees her child for the first time through sonography is a memory she cherishes the most. Hence, a sonogram picture frame will be perfect to overwhelm her during Christmas.

5] Breast Pump And Feeder

Sometimes, due to hormonal issues, women face problems post-pregnancy during breastfeeding. They are unable to produce an efficient amount of milk for the baby. Hence, a breast pump and feeder can come in handy as a Christmas gift. This is a useful item as it helps to pump out the milk and store it so that the baby can be fed. You can order this from a reputable online site for your sister, friend, or sister-in-law.

6] Belly Oil

The skin of the belly stretches as the baby grows inside the womb. This expansion causes stretch marks on the stomach that can stay even after the delivery if not taken care of earlier. There are several belly oils that can help to manage these marks, so you can gift them to the new mother during Christmas. You can buy the product of the brand that has the most success rate and is effective on stretch marks.

7] Mom-Baby Gift Hamper

One of the most loved and bought gifts for new mothers-to-be is the mom and baby gift hamper. You can get this Christmas gift delivery in Bangalore or the location the recipient is currently living. These hampers contain baby essentials such as oil, soap, shampoo, bib, etc., and masks, cream, towels, etc., for mothers. You can also customize this hamper according to you and add or remove the items as per the requirements.

8] Maternity Wear

One of the most useful items that can be used during as well as post-pregnancy is maternity wear. It is a comfortable attire that helps the new mother relax when she is carrying a baby in her womb. Some attires are designed in such a way that they can help while breastfeeding the baby. You can either make a pair of night dresses, house robes, kaftans, dresses, etc. or opt to gift any one of them.

Offer Happiness To An Expecting Mother

In conclusion, when you are buying gifts for your loved ones during Christmas, you must get them something that aligns with their interests, current situation, or something that they love. If you have an expecting mother at home or in your circle, then it is best to gift her something related to maternity so that she can use it. There is a range of products from slip-on shoes to pregnancy pillows to gift hampers and more that you can consider to gift during this festive season.

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