Guide About Beard Transplanting

Recently, beard and mustache transplantation has spread as a natural solution for men who suffer from poor hair growth in that area due to a genetic, hormonal reason or a specific injury that has damaged the chin and mustache area.

What is the procedure of beard and mustache transplantation?

Beard and mustache transplantation is a non-surgical process through which live hair follicles are transferred from the donor area; any area behind and on both sides of the head to the receiving area; Any affected area in the face to be treated.

Who’s eligible to do the beard and mustache transplanting:

Some of the most important conditions that a patient must have to be a candidate for a beard and mustache transplant in Turkey:

1. He does not have any skin diseases that hinder the procedure.

2. He suffers from voids in the beard and mustache and weak hair growth in this area.

3. The patient should be in good health.

4. The donor area should be strong.

Phases of the beard and mustache transplantation procedure:

The stages of the beard and mustache transplantation process are very similar to the process of hair transplantation, and they are as follows:

First phase:

Subjecting the patient to a set of blood and skin tests to ensure his safety and readiness for the operation.

The second phase:

The area from which the follicles will be extracted (the donor area), as well as the area in which they will be transplanted, i.e. the damaged area in the beard, chin or mustache, which is called (the receiving area), is determined immediately after that, the number of necessary follicles and the most appropriate technique for the patient’s condition is determined.

The third phase:

Shaving the hair of the donor area for easy extraction of the follicles without causing any damage to the scalp and applying the local anesthesia procedure.

The fourth phase:

Extracting hair follicles using a device called a Micro Motor and placing them in a special saline solution to keep them alive as long as possible.

The fifth phase:

The stage of implantation, the follicles are placed in a Choi Pen, and with one click, the channel is opened and the bulb is transplanted at the same time.


When will the effects of beard and mustache transplantation disappear?

The complete disappearance of the effects of the beard and mustache transplantation process varies according to the nature of the patient’s skin, but in general, a week after the procedure, the hair transplantation area appears normal, and the donor area begins to recover and hair grows again. After 6 months of the operation, the end result appears in most patients clearly and as planned.

Between 12-18 months, we have a face with a naturally thick and well-groomed beard.

As we mentioned previously, the process of beard and mustache hair transplantation is a safe and not dangerous process, meaning the possibility of its failure is very small and is directly related to the extent of the doctor’s experience and the patient’s commitment to the instructions and instructions required on the other hand.

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