How Do Personal Injuries Of Child Abuse Affect Their Personality? Some Basic Facts!

Adults who have been through abuse during childhood possibly have various personality issues. Child abuse has a devastating impact on the later life of children. Victims of child abuse face difficulty in developing and maintaining relationships. Children who suffer from child assaults have low esteem, trust issues, and depression. Sometimes, the abuses are so strong that the children develop suicidal thoughts and even harm themselves.

Child abuse and assaults are more common in schools, colleges, tuition centers, workplaces, etc. Children are psychologically very sensitive, and a small act of harassment makes them emotionally vulnerable. Sometimes the child is abused by their family member, but due to fear of the abuser, the child doesn’t speak about it. This fear makes the child more sensitive, isolated, and alone. That’s why according to mental health specialists, the victim of abuse must speak about it. The child facing assault and abuse need to share his feelings with a trustworthy family or parents. Talking about the abuse can help the child light his burden to remain emotionally strong in his other life. Child abuse is a serious crime. That’s why the family of the victim should consult a lawyer. Atlanta Personal injury lawyers are professional and knowledgeable lawyers who can help the victim of child abuse deal with the abuser lawfully. 

Ways in which abuses and assaults affect a child’s personality

Abusive behavior of adults towards children can affect their mental and physical health and thus indirectly impact their personality growth. Here are some ways in which abuses and harassment affect the child’s personality.

Anger issues

One of the very obvious effects of abuse in children’s personalities is anger issues. When a child is exposed to assaults for a long time, he gradually develops anger and frustration, which remain inside him throughout his life. According to psychology, if the child fails to express its feelings of fear and pain, it might be expressed later in a dangerous way. Thus it is better for the victim of abuse to share and express his emotions with their parents. Sharing emotions will help the child to normalize his mental health.

Low esteem issues

Victims of child abuse consider their selves vulnerable and useless in the world. Due to the abusive behavior of elders in-home, at school, or workplace, the children feel worthless. And this feeling of being worthless leads the children to get involved in criminal activities. Due to depression and anxiety problems, most of the victims of child abuse get addicted to drugs such as alcohol, ice, opium, etc. Thus, the victims’ families need to talk to their kids if they have been through harassment and take them to the psychiatrist for counseling. Counseling will help the victims heal and provide emotional strength and confidence to share their fear and pain.

Multiple personality disorder

Multiple personality disorder is a personality disorder that happens to those adults who have been through abuse in their childhood. In multiple personality disorder, the patient suffers from various personalities, affecting their behavior at different times. Multiple personality disorder also leads to hostile behaviors in the victim, such as anger, frustration, aggression, and depression.

Post-traumatic stress

Post-traumatic stress is also a serious mental issue after terrible trauma. Child abuse and assaults can also lead to post-traumatic stress, leading to long-lasting consequences on mental health. Post-traumatic stress is a kind of personal injury that the victims should deal with legally. The victim of post-traumatic stress after assaults and abuses can file a legal lawsuit in court against the abuser. Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help the abuse victims claim legal compensation against the abuser. Whether the abuse is physical, sexual, verbal, or emotional, the abuser is guilty in the eyes of the law, and the victim must be compensated accordingly for their injuries.

Bottom line

Whether a child is abused physically, sexually, or emotionally, every kind of abuse leads to psychological and mental sickness of a child. Personality distortion is very common with those adults who have been through abuses and assaults during their childhood. The victims of child abuse also develop further complications such as anger, fear, depression, suicidal thoughts, drugs addiction, aggression, and post-traumatic stress. These psychological issues are serious about being considered by the victim’s family. Furthermore, child abuse and assaults are legally a crime, and the person responsible for such abuses is answerable to the law. That’s why the victim’s family should need legal assistance from a professional personal injury lawyer who will provide assistance to the victim’s family about child abuse and help them prove the accuser guilty. Contact now on 404-948-3311 to get legal help from Atlanta personal injury attorney.

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