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How Projection Mapping Is Changing the Ad World

If there are one thing marketing needs, it is dynamism. One needs to catch the eye of customers and keep their attention in order to make a profit. Putting advertisements on billboards or distributing flyers is a thing of the past. New technology is making rounds in the ad world and creating attractive specimens. This article will talk about what projection mapping is and how well it works for advertising.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is a technique that creates art on buildings primarily for promoting content. It is being used extensively because the face of everyday things and objects is transformed into something appealing that has never been seen before. But it is not only about painting on a surface. Projection mapping uses digital eyes animations in order to create a dynamic and kinetic effect. 

How is it Used?

It sounds very interesting to project images and art on a building’s surface. Let us now understand how it works. The primary concern about projection mapping is that the building surface should be flat so that the images and designs projected create the desired defect. It also requires a pre-production process where a smaller model of the building is 3D printed. 

This allows the images to be perfectly proportioned to the walls of a skyscraper so that the effects seem permanent, like painted art. While the most apparent application is on buildings and bigger structures, advertising agencies also use it on a smaller scale. In this process, mannequins are used as the surface on which images are projected. 

Why is Projection Mapping Worth It?

Projection mapping is worth investing in simply because the concept is so you need that it cannot help but attract attention. Initially used for entertainment and music, the applications of this technique evolved and became somewhat famous in marketing. Rather than using static advertisements, one can promote their production services by telling them a dynamic story. 

It works exceptionally well with products that create an emotional bond with the client. Agencies have found that projection mapping improves audience engagement. It also helps them make a presence in the client demographic through word of mouth, which probably would not have been possible had they been using billboards. 

What are the Costs?

The marketing campaign will be a success, but the costs of projection mapping need to be considered. For one minute of content, the average price is about 10,000 dollars. There are some additional fees included along with the cost of equipment. The cost for a 3D video is more than that of 2D projections. 

The Takeaway

Advertising has come far and is no longer restricted by the boundaries of static images. A technique like projection mapping works extremely well because it attracts client engagement and creates an atmosphere where they would want to be involved. It can be 3D or 2D and can be used on any surface. This gives projection mapping wide-reaching applications and is advantageous to the advertising world.

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