How to apply artificial lawn?

Once you have completed the preparation phase, which includes measuring the amount of artificial grass, proper drainage (if required), and removing the artificial grass for arizona heat, you will be ready to plant an artificial lawn. This article outlines the steps you can take to help you work, lay the foundation, join the joints, and grow grass.

Lay the foundation of gravel, then the sand of the past

Use recycled wood / wooden sticks if necessary. We offer 4×2 inch better trees for heavier soils and poor drainage areas and 2×2 inch trees for better drainage areas. Leave these trees in the compound and turn towards the towers. If the artificial grass fits a particular path, wall, or decoration, place the tree using a 10 mm temporary flat near the wall to attach the artificial grass to the tree at a height above the tree surface. Background content at a later stage.

Place a hammer on the inside of the tree border and on the ground, making sure it is slightly below the tree border. Next, bend the pole to the end of the tree.

With heavy clay soils, we recommend making the surface of the crushed stone up to 3 inches. This is not necessary in most areas and only if the water level is high which retains water for a long time on a rainy day. Next, squeeze the floor with a movable plate that can be rented from a rental company. Make sure the frame is compressed and about 1 inch from the edge of the tree. Fill the frame with adhesive sand and surface. Make sure the sand is equal to the edge of the tree and has been compacted again.

For better drainage areas, spread a layer of sand on the soil for the blinds. Next, squeeze the floor with a movable plate that can be rented from a rental company. Make sure the frame is compressed and attached to the tree border.

Artificial turf lawns will look better if you work hard at this stage.

Grass control layer

Use bio-textile film to control weeds and cut them as needed. Apply a small 1 inch galvanized nail to the end of the tree. This herbicide-controlled bio-textile membrane prevents herbs from growing through artificial grass drainage holes.

Remove artificial grass

Place the artificial grass in the direction you are working on the carpet, not in the right direction. Make sure the carpet is kept to a minimum of 4 inches for parts, joints and debris. If it fits in the path of artificial grass or outside, if you set the boundary of the tree as you have fixed before, it can be tied between the artificial grass. If you are involved, make sure the artificial grass moves in the same direction for each section. Lay the carpet on the sand, as opposed to stretching the main material. Leave on for 2 to 3 hours before continuing with supplements and pastes that will help prevent or thaw the grain. Cut the grass with a sharp dolphin or a Stanley knife or scissors.


When laying open carpets together, make sure my house works in the same direction. Cut the manufacturer’s field strip (if any) and merge the two fields so that the distance between the two carpets does not exceed 1 mm. The accuracy here determines what it will look like once the connection is complete. When the edges of the carpet are joined, bend the back edges to fit the edges and insert the connecting tape (evenly down).

Management glue

a) Stick the cartridge to the rough side of the tape during zig-zag movement, so that one cartridge can stay in line for up to 3 meters. Turn the carpet over and press on both sides with wet glue, making sure every piece is married and not. When you do this with your fingers, join the edges to cover the joints. Once you are satisfied with its appearance after the entire length, you need to activate the glue and run it with the compound several times to tie the grass with tape. Measure the seam to maintain a good connection before treating the glue. The operation will be carried out with more care and order.

B) If you are using a two-component multi-component adhesive, make sure that the two components are well mixed before use. Apply glue to the rough side of the tape recorder and spread evenly using a cut towel at least 20 cm wide. When compressing artificial grass carpets, enough glue should be used to complete the transition to the back of the carpet.

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