How to Avoid the Most Common Gifting Mistakes at All Costs?

Almost half of all people return holiday gifts every year. It’s not that consumers are getting choosier, it’s that their loved ones just aren’t picking out the right gifts.

Let’s face it, some people are difficult to shop for. If you’re drawing a blank, you may fall into the trap of buying something that appeals to you or waiting to shop for that person until the last minute.

Both of these gifting mistakes will increase the chance of your loved one doing a return, but they’re not the only ones. Check out this guide to learn all the dos and don’ts of giving.

Buying Last Minute

You’ve got an hour before your best friend’s birthday party. You know you need to get them something, so you rush to the store and grab the first thing you can get your hands on.

With the amount of thought you put into that gift, you might as well of picked out a gift card or given them cash.

Waiting until the last minute will make it difficult for you to buy high-demand items like challenge coins as well.

Don’t Choose Something That Appeals to You

The secret to picking out the most memorable gifts is to put yourself in the shoes of the receiver. What do you think your loved one would buy themselves?

If you and the receiver have a lot of the same interests, you might get lucky if you choose something that appeals to you, but you shouldn’t bank on that.

Being Too Generous

Gifting is a nice gesture during holidays and birthdays. It’s not a competition.

If you go out and buy your best friend the newest Apple Watch for Christmas, how do you think they’re going to feel about the sweater they bought you? The general rule of thumb is to stick to affordable gifts until you’re told otherwise.

Avoid Self-Improvement Gifts (For the Most Part)

Self-improvement gifts can be a bit tricky. If you know that your loved one is trying to drop a few pounds, buying them weight loss supplements can be seen as a nice gesture.

If you buy the supplements unprompted, however, that’s a different story. Now you’re being passive-aggressive and rude.

Don’t Get Too Personal

There is some merit in buying gifts that your loved one needs, but don’t get too personal. If you buy lacy underwear for your bestie, it might make them a bit uncomfortable.

Proper gifting etiquette dictates that you don’t give a family member the same thing you would give your spouse. If that something is sexy lingerie anyway.

Gifting Mistakes to Avoid on Every Occasion

As you can see, the line between giving a thoughtful present and making serious gifting mistakes is pretty thin.

If you wait until the last minute to shop or buy something that appeals more to you than your loved one, they’re most likely going to hurry to the store to do a return. Put a little thought into gifting without getting a little too personal.

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