How to Completely Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

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Bedbugs, troublesome little creatures they are and the thing about them is that they are so small it’s hard for you to notice. Well, not until you’ve been bitten of course. Bed bugs are creatures that reproduce rapidly and in a touch of irony they feed on humans, kind of nasty don’t you think? Luckily here, we talk about what are bed bugs and what to do when you and your household are disturbed by their infestation.

So What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that feed on blood, usually at nighttime. Bed bug bites usually result in skin rashes, redness and blisters. Their sizes normally range between 1 to 7 millimeters so they are quite smaller compared to a dice that tells us that spotting them with the naked eye is very hard.  They spread when a female adult bed bug, depending on how often she feeds, produces eggs that hatch ranging from 7-10 days. A well fed female bed bug can produce 1-7 eggs per ten days and by doing the math she can give about 100 – 500 eggs in her lifetime; that’s a lot of bugs to worry about.  The newly hatched eggs will become a nymph and after a month or less will become a full adult. Bed bugs can also survive without feeding for at least months and it was also observed that they can last up until a year. The best condition for a female bed bug to breed is when she is well fed and is cool enough, therefore it’s the worst conditions for you.

What to do when you have a bed bug problem?

One of the best things you could do is to call a bed bug exterminator. Professionals that offer quick and reliable solutions to your particular problem such as bed bug treatment in Owings Mill MD. Bed bug exterminators are highly equipped in dealing towards problems that involve these nasty little creatures. However, if you want to do it like Rambo and you want to do it at home there are tips that you, a regular home owner, could do to at least mitigate their reproduction and their infestation. Here are some tips on treating bed bugs problem at home:

  1. At the top of our list is Heat. Creatures such as bed bugs are particularly vulnerable with high temperatures of heat. So you should put affected beddings or clothes under the sun or wash them at high temparatures up to 80 degrees celsius or 122 degrees fahrenheit and it  would suffice to kill them.
  2. Homemade pesticides would also do the trick, one example is a Fresh Mint Spray made from a decent amount of mint depending on how bad the infestation is, then add water and then pour it in a spray bottle. This would make your problem go away and make your house smell like fresh mint. Well how about that.
  3. Another advice is to vacuum the places where they are breeding. Sometimes a good house cleaning will do to make small infestations go away target parts that bed bugs usually stay like pillows and mattresses. A simple vacuum would go a very long way.
  4. Also a good way to stop the appearance of bed bugs is to bathe yourself with lavender before going to bed. The smell of lavender makes these pests go away. The general idea is to put small drops of lavender in warm water and then soak yourself 15 – 30 minutes before going to sleep.
  5. You can also spot bed bug hives, molten skin and dung indicates an infestation. As bed bugs grow from nymphs to full adults they molt their outer exoskeletons. These can be seen as molten skins that have honey gold color though they may range in sizes they can be found in mattress seams and tags, also in ceilings and walls. They are commonly found in rugs and pieces of clothing that are unused after spotting them; you can now look for ways to get rid of them. 

A bed bug problem can cause a lot of headaches, a lot of money and a lot of time. These tips could make a difference especially to those homeowners on a tight budget; these could save you from taking money from your pockets.

Take action!

In conclusion, bed bugs infestations can be solved by taking appropriate measures and actions. Solutions ranging from homemade sprays to bed bug exterminators can give a stop to not having a good night’s sleep and waking up with rashes from their bites. The tips found in this article are proven to be effective and to be the best ways to completely stop and eradicate the problem of bed bugs. You can now lay back, rest and sleep knowing you are now equipped when the time comes.

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