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How To Find An Experienced Slip And Fall Attorney In Houston?

A slip-and-fall accident sounds like an easy, self-explanatory type of case, right? Not quite. When it comes to these types of personal injury cases, there are laws and rules in statutes that determine how the case is developed and how it ends. 

A slip and fall accident is when a hazardous condition was created by, or known by, the defendant, and that condition directly caused the accident. Each slip and fall case is unique, and depending on the circumstances, you need a well-prepared lawyer that can provide resources for specific investigations and know the various types of notices that can be served. 

Don’t start your case out at a disadvantage – look for these qualities in a Houston slip and fall attorney. 

Use the 4 “R’s” To Find a Houston Slip and Fall Attorney 

  • Reputation

The starting point of finding the right Houston slip and fall attorney is to look at their reputation. Are they trustworthy and honest? The first step is to search the state and local bar association. This will provide information on whether the attorney is in good standing. There are also several sites that provide user-submitted reviews.

You also want to ask people in your network if they have used this attorney in the past or know of anyone who has. You want someone who can tell you how well the attorney listens, their overall attitude towards cases, and fees.

  • Reviews

Before meeting with an attorney, check out the firm’s reviews online. Go to a search engine like Google, type in the name of the firm or the attorney’s name, and you’ll instantly see a 1-to-5-star review rating. Read those reviews and analyze them for yourself to see if they are valid. 

It’s also advisable to check the firm’s website for case studies, along with Avvo ratings. Both resources should provide enough detail to help you make an informed decision on the attorney. 

  • Resources

Slip and fall accidents are generally not open and close cases. It takes an experienced team to properly investigate and analyze the situation and negotiate on your behalf based on those findings. 

When you’re searching for a Houston slip and fall attorney, you want to ensure that firm has a team who can manage all the details required to prove your case. Is the attorney prepared to take your case to trial if necessary? Take a look at the resources available to you – such as the team who will work to prove your case, the educational background and negotiation skills, the legal experience, and financial stability. 

Does your attorney have these resources to handle a slip and fall case?

  • Referrals 

If you’re referred to a lawyer by a friend that has previously used this firm and lawyer, it’s worthwhile to check that lawyer out. However, there are other ways to gain referrals. Ask a social media group for guidance and comparison.  


Common slip and fall accidents range from lack of handrails and unsecured cords to slippery surfaces and obstructed walkways. A Houston slip and fall attorney can help you investigate and decide whether your injuries were caused by negligence. 

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