How to Get Customized Acrylic Keychains Online?

Keychains are designed to hold a set of keys. Firstly, they are made to make the use of keys easy for the users. Secondly, keychains can be used for advertising any business by printing the name or anything related to the business. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and styles. A clasp, chain, and trinket are the essential elements of any keychain. They are usually made of metal or plastic material but can be made with other fibre or wood materials. Now you must be thinking what are acrylic keychains? 

Acrylic Keychains

Acrylic keychains are made with acrylic material which is more durable, cost-effective, can be shaped and pressed easily, and is highly adaptable. It has started to use all around the globe because it can be easily customized according to your choice. It is made with a thick layer of different materials and is not breakable easily. They are water-resistant, lightweight, and bright in colour. It can also be shaped by every character or product which you want to be on it. They are more attractive, beautiful, and charming than ordinary ones. 

Which Do People Like Them the Most? 

These keychains can be used by anyone but are mostly liked by kids or teenagers who are more likely to get attracted to colourful keychains. Acrylic charms can be sent as a gift to your loved ones to make them remember your memories. You can customize it with your loved one’s favourite novel or movie character. You can order them online and also design them with your pictures on them. 

How Can You Make Them Customize? 

Simple keychains are not as attractive as customized ones. You can make them customized with a variety of options. They can be customized in terms of the following elements.

  1. Size 

You can get them according to your desired size. It can be made from 1 inch to 4 inches. It includes the border of the keychain as well. Moreover, medium-sized charms are the best ones as they are appropriate in size and cannot look oversized. They are easy to carry in your hands. But it’s up to you so that you can choose the size of your own need.

  1. Shape

Charms are made in many shapes. The shape of the charm is dependent on the shape of the image you choose to put inside of your keychain. Its border cuts in the shape that the image carries. These acrylic keychains are very neatly shaped and the borders are usually transparent. So you need to select the image which can be easily shaped within the keychain.

  1. Pictures 

You can select your favourite picture to be featured inside your charm. It can be of any cartoon symbols or characters. Other than that you can also make them customized with your pictures or with the picture of any product you want. Pictures are an important part of the keychain. If keychains are pictures, then there would be very less chances that they will get attracted by others.

  1. Text

You need to select the place where text will be inserted if your keychain is text-based. You can customize your text size and style. It is offered in many fonts. In addition, you need to select whether your text would be placed on the upper side, middle or lower side as it affects the shape of the acrylic keychain.

  1. Printed Sides 

With all exciting customization, keychains can be made with the same design on both sides or different designs on both sides. It is your choice if you want the same picture to be printed on the double side or different. You just need to select the option for this.

  1. Additional Techniques

You can make them more beautiful with additional techniques like epoxy, glitter epoxy, and holographic. You can either get them on the front side or both sides. They make your charm looks more gorgeous and unique. It adds more beauty and design to a keychain. But additional techniques charge additional costs.

  1. Different Accessories 

Lastly, you can decorate your keychains with different colourful and unique accessories. It also comes in many shapes, sizes, and styles. They get attracted to the border. Moreover, the chains can also be customized with different colours and shapes. It will add more neatness to your charm.

  1. Packaging 

Packaging is offered in two ways. It can be a default one or custom packing. Default packing is free of cost because they use degradable bags for packaging. Custom packing is not free of cost because they are higher quality and beautiful packaging. Custom packing is mostly used when you are sending keychains as a gift.

How They Are Designed? 

They are structured in a way of the layered process. Firstly, an acrylic sheet is placed then comes the artwork then white paper is placed to make separate both sides, and then the process repeats. Similarly, if you add epoxy, glitter epoxy, or holographic in it then it will be added in between the layer of acrylic and artwork. They are well designed and made in a way that nothing gets slips from inside.

Discounted Deals

Discounted deals are offered when you buy the maximum quantity. If you buy a minimum of 6 + keychains, you will get a 36% discount and if you buy a maximum of 5000 + then you will get a 63% discount. So now get more keychains to get more discount. 

In a Nutshell,

Keychains are used for different purposes. It can be used as a keychain, as a memory, as an Advertising product, or can be gifted to any of your friends. It’s the best way to add a picture or text to say something to someone. They are tiny yet beautiful things to carry. They are travel friendly. So what are you thinking about? Go and make them according to your favourite character. They deal in high-quality keychains and pack them beautifully to make the customers happy. They ensure that you will get the same product as shown in the online picture.

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