How To Make Roman Blinds For Home Window?

Having your own custom-made Roman blinds is a great way to make your room more beautiful. These blinds are great for dressing up any window in your home, and you can easily learn how to make them yourself. They are easy to make and are a perfect alternative to curtains and Venetian blinds. If you’re new to DIY projects, this guide will show you how to make your own custom-made Roman blinds.

First, you will need to measure the window space. If it is a wide window, measure the space for the pull-chain mechanism. If there is a small gap in between, add it to your measurements. After you have measured your window, you’ll need to cut the fabric into individual scallops. For a better effect, use a light-colored fabric, which will make the ballooning effect more visible.

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Before Hang The Roman Blinds, Measure The Length And Width Of The Frame

After measuring the window area, you can cut the fabric. If you’re planning to hang the blinds on the wall, allow about two centimeters on either side. If you’re mounting them in the window frame, measure the length and width of the frame. Once you’ve determined the length and width, measure the height of the top and bottom edge of the frame. You can also cut the fabric using a rotary cutter to cut it in smaller pieces.

Before cutting the fabric, measure the window space for the blinds. You should allow at least two centimeters on both sides. If the blinds will go inside the window frame, you should measure the width of the frame, which is approximately twenty centimeters wider. After calculating the length and width, measure the drop, and then subtract 4 cm for every rod pocket. After measuring the length and width of the frame, cut the main fabric and the lining fabric according to the dimensions.

After measuring the window space for the Roman blinds, you need to sew the fabric to the frame. After sewing the fabric, you need to attach the mounting board. Depending on the depth of the window frame, the roman blinds should be one centimeter less than the width of the window. The length should overlap the walls by ten to twenty centimeters. After the blinds are mounted, you can then install the blinds.

Choose Natural Fabric For Roman Blinds 

To install the roman blinds, attach the rail to the top of the window frame. It will be placed about one centimeter above the windowsill. You should also leave a few centimeters of the edges to avoid any overlaps. After securing the rail, you can begin sewing the blinds. The blinds will be perfect for your windows, and you’ll have the freedom to move them anywhere you want.

You can make your own Roman blinds by sewing the fabric. There are three types of roman blinds. They are made of fabric and a string. They’re easy to make with basic sewing equipment. Using a sewing machine will help you create custom blinds for your windows. You can even choose to use the natural woven window shade for the material. However, it’s a good idea to follow instructions carefully so you can get the right size and shape for your windows.

Once the fabric is cut, mount the brackets above the window. A few brackets will keep the Roman blinds in place. If you’d rather not mount the brackets above the window, you can always buy a ready-made roman shade to try it out. Then, you can install it on the rest of the windows. When finished, it’s time to hang your new blinds. You can use the same fabric for the other areas in your home.


If you’re not sure whether to use a machine or a manual, you can do it yourself with a simple pattern-making kit. You’ll need to cut the fabric to the appropriate size, then fold it and sew the ring pockets onto the window. You can choose to sew the rings at different intervals along the entire width of the blind, but remember that you should consider other window treatments in your living room.

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