How to Order the Right Sizes of Clothing Online?

Shopping for clothes online is like playing Fashion Roulette. You’ve seen those videos with Amazon fails when you get a garment you thought would look good and instead it looks like the curtains from your grandmother’s living room. There are so many things that can go wrong when you order items online. But the truth is that there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of getting something less than attractive when you order online. Whether you are ordering dresses, shoes, or even new panties and bras, here’s how to get the right sizes and the right fit when you order clothes online.

Don’t be Afraid to Order Multiple Sizes

If you’re ordering a new piece of clothing, you want to be certain about your size. That said, we all know that fashion has a bit of leeway when it comes to sizes. Some garments run small while others are much larger than you’d think. If you’re not sure about the fit of a garment and are unsure of which size to order, don’t worry. With many companies offering a generous return policy for their online orders, it’s possible to order multiple sizes at once so you can get just the right fit. This is especially true if you’re ordering clothes online with an item that has special sizing requirements like swimsuits or lingerie.

Keep a Tape Measure Handy

You will need a tape measure if you want to order online and get the right sizing. Don’t be disturbed if your sizes for a company are much larger or smaller than you would expect. It’s important to simply get the right sizing for your body to ensure that you can look and feel your best in the clothes. You’ll want to use the tape measure to calculate the circumference of your chest, bust, hips, thighs, and waist. This can help you tremendously when you order online.

Each company, including Tommy John, has sizing charts and measurements for their undergarments and other products. This means that you should be able to compare your details to their size charts to get the right pieces. If you land between a couple of sizes and you aren’t sure if you should size up or down, you can easily buy a couple of sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit right.

Know Your Body Type

There are many different body types, and it’s likely that you lean toward one more than another. The first step to ordering clothes online is knowing your body type. Are you more of an apple shape where you are rounder in the belly? Maybe you lean more toward a pear shape with a small waist and bigger hips. Or perhaps you’re about the same shape all the way down. Understanding the general shape of your body can help you pick the right clothing sizes to wear.

Read the Reviews, and Look at the Photos

Often people will leave reviews including what the clothes look like on their bodies. They may even upload photographs. Sometimes these images are a good visual as to what the clothing might look like on you when you buy it. When you see someone with a similar body type, you may be able to choose the size more precisely or choose a different item because of the way the clothing piece fits. Whether you’re tall, short, round, or skinny, these reviews and pictures are invaluable.

Look for Sizing Charts

It’s important that you don’t pretend to know what size you are. Check for a sizing chart. Almost all fashion, clothing, and shoe companies have a chart. This is to ensure that people can get accurate sizes and they won’t be disappointed with their purchases. Sizing charts can range from a simple diagram showing dimensions to longer descriptions that include information about the product.

In general, these charts are based on measurements, so unless you know your measurements, it’ll be tricky to pick the right size.

Measure Your Favorite Clothes

If you have favorite outfits that you love to wear, measure them. Maybe they fit just right and you want more pieces with a similar fit. By using their measurements you can get a better selection from online fashion retailers. By comparing these measurements to the items you want to buy, you can make more precise purchases online.

Keep a List of Brands That Fit Well With you Consistently

Why would you need to keep a list? Because it makes shopping online easier. When you know where to get the best jeans, who has attractive tops that fit well, and the best place to get clothes for work, you can easily shop online for anything you want to wear.

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