How to win editorial backlinks? 5 proven techniques

The single most crucial element of your SEO approach is backlink building. The key to ranking on the top of SERPs is backlinks. Backlinks may be obtained through various methods, such as content creation, blogging, and several other link-building techniques. However, creating editorial links with the help of an SEO company in Dubai is the best way to get valuable backlinks.

Best techniques to get editorial backlinks:

Publishing content that prevails in your niche is the best strategy for obtaining high-quality editorial links. You should produce as much top-notch, reliable, in-depth material as possible instead of just a few. Here’s how to obtain some editorial links to obtain backlinks from high-authority websites.

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1. Determine the backlink sources of your competitors

One of the simplest ways to acquire leads for acquiring editorial links is to look up your rivals’ backlinks. To start, use the backlink finder to discover your rivals’ backlinks. Visit each website after that to determine if you wish to be linked to the content. Find out how to have a backlink on the page if you like it. Get in touch with an SEO company in Dubai to learn what is feasible.

2. Produce compelling and authoritative content

The most dependable strategy to build natural backlinks over time is to produce enthusiastic authoritative content. When you have compelling material, as opposed to actively hunting out backlinks, people will find it and regularly link to it. That’s the intention, at least.

A website that receives natural backlinks from high authority pages can be developed through content. Create excellent material with helpful information on a wide range of subjects. People frequently use editorial links to point readers to the first relevant website they find while researching an article. Users who see your website and are sufficiently astonished by the information use it as a resource.

3. Employ a PR expert to conduct outreach.

If your company has a PR division, have them contact the teams of major websites. To increase your chances of publishing content on their page with a link to your website, ask them what content they’re currently looking to post.

If your company doesn’t have a PR division or if you’re a business owner or freelancer, engage a PR specialist to handle the outreach. Although additional individual outreach services are available, an SEO company in Dubai also offers contact link-building solutions for editorial links.

4. Examine each topic and subtopic in detail.

The most excellent method to produce in-depth material is to go deeply into each subject, explore and cover every topic, and present it from every angle. If you’re writing about how to take care of plants in a pot, discuss issues like trimming, feeding, watering, and selecting the appropriate pot. All of the sub-topics and subjects may be thoroughly discussed in one essay. You could also write a different article for each topic separately.

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5. Produce incredible infographics

Attractive infographics are circulated, linked to, and embedded online. Your infographics must rank in Google for your chosen keywords, like any other type of content. Ensure that your infographic is tagged with your company name or website address because some users may decide to embed the infographic rather than link to the page.

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