It is a solid and firm belief of Muslims that ALLAH (SWT) will bless them with the bounties of Jannah for their good deeds. But a question is generally asked will a husband and wife be together in Jannah? Marriage is the purest bond between two persons. Their bond will not only remain in this world, but they can also be in Heaven together if they follow Islam and are good Muslims. ALLAH (SWT) has also mentioned in Surah Yaseen:  

They and their spouses – in the shade, reclining on adorned couches” (36:56)

When a Muslim is entered in Jannah, her wife, righteous and pious, will also be entered in Jannah with him. If a couple together has done good deeds in the world, if they have followed the path of Islam lead their lives according to the principles of I slam then indeed, they will enter Paradise together and spend a happy and prosperous life there. It is also said that if a woman’s partner enters Jahannam, she will be married to a martyr or a man of Jannah. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH narrates it: 

“If a woman’s partner is a believer and possesses good character, then in Paradise, that woman will be married to him, and if he is not, then Allah (Almighty) will marry that woman to one of the martyrs.”

Similarly, if a lady is married more than once due to a divorce or death of a husband, she will enter Jannah with the last husband she was married to in the world. If all the husbands of a woman divorce her or pass away, then in Jannah, she will have the option to choose the one who has the best character in the world. But the question is what a couple should do so that they end up in Jannah together and can enjoy the feasts of Heaven together as a couple.  

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Islam is the religion of love & peace. Islam has strongly emphasized the love between a husband and wife. A husband and a wife should give each other respect and love. They should be there for each other in every stage of life. 

A husband and wife should be emotional support of each other as well.  


One of the main grounds through which a couple can enter Jannah is Praying. A person should offer their five-time prayers daily, and not only this, but they should also make their partner perform prayers. This will not only be a source of great bonding between them but will also take them to Jannah.  


The couple who wishes to be in Jannah together should ensure that they fulfill their partner’s rights. A husband should meet her wife’s desires and needs and vice versa. The rights given to spouses in Islam should be carried out entirely. By doing this, a couple can enter Jannah.  

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If a couple wants to be in Jannah together, they should be good parents. Good parents can raise good kids. Obedient offspring will play an essential part in taking their parents together in Jannah. In Islam, there is no such concept of “Till death do us apart” but “Till Jannah unites us, “which is the most beautiful thing and actual meaning of true love that the love and relation of a husband continue even after their last breath. 


So, it is very clear that considering a husband and a wife does not end in this world, but it continues in Jannah also; it is also a relief for a person who has lost their partner that they will be reunited in Akhirah. For this purpose, we should choose a spouse who is a righteous person and is fearful of God. May ALLAH (SWT) bless every person with the best spouses who can be together with each other in both worlds and can enjoy the luxuries of Heaven.

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