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Simple Ideas to Amp Up Small Spaces Like A Pro into a spacious and stylish oasis. Decorate your quaint little house in your budget.


Admit it! Decorating small spaces is a ​​task. There are numerous Best interior designers in Mumbai that may help you. But if you are looking for simple interior designing tips to decorate your small space without spending on an interior designing service, then you have landed on the right page. These simple home decor ideas will transform your small space into a spacious and stylish oasis. But at the same time, these interior decoration tips won’t make your space look chaotic and cluttered. The best part? You will be able to decorate your quaint little house that too in your budget. 


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Brighten up walls with white 

Turning your walls and floors in white may sound boring but let us tell you, it is an effective trick to transform your small room into an elegant space. If all white is not your style, then you may opt for some quirky splashes of texture and pops of colors. But make sure you do not overdo it. The color white not only attracts more light but also makes your home appear bigger. You may even opt for a white backdrop and decorate it with some trendy fabrics and art pieces.

Play with lights

If you are planning to create illusions of a bigger space, then using correct lighting is important. Use your creativity and work on a design that suits your personality. Talking about lightings, using hanging lights may add a personality to your home. These hanging lights will not only give your quaint little home a modern touch but also save your valuable floor space. You may even opt for a ceiling fan with lighting to avoid the clutter. Another hack that may save your floor space includes using fancy lights as centerpieces. Using natural lighting is the best way to make your space look bigger.

Choose your accessories wisely.

Choosing the right accessories adds character, vibrancy, and a sense of cohesiveness to your home. With some basic research and without hiring an interior designer that will burn a hole in your pocket, you can accessorize your home like a pro. These accessories can be a combination of art pieces, rugs, souvenirs, etc. While choosing accessories, make sure it suits your home’s colour palette. When it comes to accessories, make sure you do not follow a single pattern. Experiment with colours and textures. For instance, if you plan to use pillows to decorate your home, you may use different sizes, shapes, and colours.  


Twice up your space with mirrors

If your room does not have abundant light, then mirrors may help you make your room appear bigger. We believe mirrors can help to get rid of most design issues. You may place or install a huge floor length mirror behind furniture, and you are done. This will help the space to look bigger and purposeful. You may even try to place a mirror behind a lamp or light for a magical view. 

Choose furniture wisely

When it comes to choosing the right home decor, furniture plays a vital role. It would help if you made sure that the furniture you choose fits in properly in your small and cozy home without making your home appear cramped and cluttered. Choose furniture​s​ that are lightweight and compact. Even while choosing small furniture, do not pick furniture that has multiple pieces. Look for furniture pieces that are multifunctional and expandable. For instance, get a sofa that can be easily transformed into a bed or a work desk converted into a coffee table.

Choose lower floor seating.

Lower floor seating gives your home an elegant look. There are numerous lower floor seating ideas to choose from. If you plan to give your home a boho look, then poufs are what you must look out for. The round or cube-shaped stools are available in a range of colors, textures, and finishing. Ottomans are another seating option that is similar to poufs. The only difference is poufs do not have legs and are available in round and square-shaped. Ottomans are often used as footrests. If quirky and funky is your style, then futons are something you may love.   


Go for minimal

Minimalism is the new refreshing way of living most millennials opt for. If you are a fan of organized and clutter-free home decor, then a minimalist decorating style is what you will absolutely love. First, choose a restrained color palette, get rid of unwanted distractions, experiment with textures and colors, and make use of simple objects. Letting in as much as light adds to the minimalist style. You may take the help of thin curtains to let in more light.

So, what are you waiting for? Be the Best interior designer of your own home!​​ Hope you love reading “Ideas to Amp Up Small Spaces”

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