India Revealed: The One Place You Have To Visit Before You Die

Golden Triangle India

India is one of the top countries to explore. Many people dream of travelling and visiting the country, but they often put it off due to their busy schedules. However, when you finally get the chance to visit this amazing place, you will feel like you have been away from home for months! India is full of surprises that will make you want to come back for more! The One Place You Have To Visit Before You Die with the Golden Triangle India.


India is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. With so many things to see and do, this country is sure to please everyone. If you’re thinking of visiting India before you die, there are a few places you need to check off your list. Here are five of the best Indian destinations to visit before you die.

1) Jaipur – 

The city of India is a bustling metropolis with endless attractions for visitors of all ages. Highlights include the Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as well as Old Jaipur, Nahargarh, Jal Mahal and Jaigarh Fort. There are also plenty of shopping opportunities in the markets and bazaars of Old Jaipur. So, you can choose the best Jaipur Sightseeing Tour Package.

2) Mumbai – 

Once known as Bombay (before it became Mumbai), this city is now one of India’s most cosmopolitan and lively metropolises. Highlights include the Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, Mahalaxmi Temple and Marine Drive. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities in the luxury malls and boutiques of South Mumbai as well as in the chaotic streets of downtown Mumbai.  It’s worth taking a luxury car rental Mumbai to feel the exotic vibe of South Mumbai.

3) Goa – 

One of India’s most happening destinations, Goa is a party town that attracts sun worshipers and surfers in their droves. Stroll along the beaches and munch on some seafood. You’ll find plenty of shopping opportunities in the markets on the streets of Old Goa as well as in the malls and shops of Colva Beach and Candolim.

4) Kerala – 

The land of spices, Kerala is also home to some amazing craftsmanship. Visit traditional villages to experience an authentic Indian lifestyle with a twist. Don’t miss out on the spice plantations, religious festivals, backwater cruises and beautiful beaches.

5) Chennai – 

If you’re looking for shopping opportunities but don’t want to venture too far from home (or are planning a visit to the neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu), Chennai is a great option. It has an excellent central business district and a bustling IT park, which attracts the largest number of international investors in the country. Stop by for some shopping or just spend a few days exploring local markets and temples.

Reasons Why India is a Must Visit

If you’re ever planning on visiting any part of the world, India should definitely be on your list. And if you’re looking for a reason to visit this amazing country, look no further than the reasons listed below.

India is home to some of the most stunningly beautiful landscapes on Earth. From the jungles of south India to the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas, there’s something for everyone in India.

Moreover, India is filled with thousands of fascinating cultures and religions. From Hindu temples to Muslim mosques, there’s something for everyone to see in India.

And finally, India is home to some of the world’s most delicious food. Whether you’re a fan of Indian cuisine or not, you’ll be able to appreciate its flavours and textures after visiting India.

How to Get Around India

One of the great things about travelling to India is that it’s one of the most diverse countries in the world. You can find all sorts of cultures and religions here, which means that there are plenty of different places to visit. Here are some tips on how to get around Golden Triangle India Tour Package

-Flights: If you’re looking to fly around India, there are a variety of different options available. You can fly into one of the major airports, such as Delhi or Mumbai, or you can fly into smaller regional airports if you want to explore more of the country. 

-Train: Another great way to see all of India is by train. There are a number of different trains that travel throughout the country, and you can easily find out about which ones go where by checking out online schedules or by talking to local tourist information centres. 

-Roads: If you want to see as much of India as possible without having to use trains or planes, then you should head out onto the roads. There are a number of different highways that crisscross the country, so you can easily find your way around. Just be sure to have a good map with you so that you don

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