Instagram Followers: Why They Aren’t Worth It & How To Get Them For Free

Instagram is an important social media platform for businesses to use. It’s a great way to build your brand and reach new customers, but it can also be quite expensive if you want to buy followers on Instagram

In this article, we’ll discuss why buying followers might not be worth it and how you can get free followers for your account without spending money.

The buyers are all bots

  • Bots are accounts that follow you and like your posts, but they don’t interact with them. 
  • They don’t comment and they don’t share links to your content.
  • Bots are not real people. 
  • They’re just algorithms designed to mimic human behavior on Instagram. 

The reason why people follow or like your account has nothing to do with the quality of what you post; it’s all about how many followers you have and whether or not these bots find it worthwhile in terms of engagement (new followers).

You’ll get flagged for spam and loose real followers

If you buy followers, it is likely that Instagram will flag your account as a bot. 

  • Buyers are warned for buying followers and likes under the “suspicious activity” section of their user settings. 
  • This means that if a user gets too many suspicious activity warnings in a short period of time, they could be removed from the service entirely.
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that buying followers or likes can also lead to lost accounts being banned from posting content on Instagram altogether and at this point, no one wants their business halted by an angry corporation.
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They won’t engage, so your posts won’t be seen

The key to getting followers on Instagram is engagement. You see, the most important thing to do when promoting your business or brand is make sure that you are engaging with your followers. The more they engage with you, the more likely they will come back and follow you again in the future.

Your goal should be to get as many people who are interested in what you’re doing and willing to help spread the word about it by following along on social media platforms like Instagram (or Twitter). 

Your engagement rate will tank, hurting your account’s SEO

Engagement is a measure of how active your followers are, and it’s calculated by dividing the number of likes and comments you get by the total number of followers. 

  • The higher this engagement rate, the better for your account’s SEO. 
  • But if you buy fake followers to increase engagement, then your real ones will suffer in comparison and their engagement rates will tank too. 
  • The best way to ensure that both types of audience members have even numbers is by keeping an eye on both metrics. Likes and Comments (which include likes). 

You can also check out this article which discusses why there’s no point buying fake Instagram accounts if they’re low quality ones or have been created recently because nobody uses them anymore except bots.

It’s not worth it

Buying followers on Instagram is not worth it. In fact, you can get free followers on Instagram and still build a large following without having to buy any of them.

The cost of buying followers is so high that it makes no sense at all. You’re paying for something that isn’t always going to deliver results for your business or Ramneek Sidhu Digital brand, so why bother?

There are plenty of other ways to grow an engaged audience without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on each person who follows you (and even then if they don’t like what they see and hear from you).

Be wary of buying followers on Instagram.

Though it may seem like a good idea to buy Instagram followers, you should be wary of this practice. Why? Because buying followers on Instagram is not worth the price tag and can backfire badly if done incorrectly.

  • It’s important to note that most companies offering this service have no way of verifying if the person they are selling to actually has an account or not. 
  • This means that even if you order thousands of fake users, they could be fake accounts created by scammers looking for ways to get more people into their website/app without paying anything at all.
  • If you’re thinking about purchasing some fake Followers in order for your personal profile pic or post photos look more popular than they currently do then think again because there are plenty other ways around this problem rather than spending money on whatever method seems most convenient at first glance.


As we’ve seen, buying followers is not only pointless, but it can really hurt your account. If you want to buy followers on Instagram and don’t want to risk getting banned or losing them in the future, go for paid advertising on Picuki instead. 

That way at least you know that the people who follow you are real people who will actually engage with what you post.

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