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Is A Custom Engagement Ring More Expensive Than A Regular Ring?

You may choose a wedding ring for your significant other or coordinate with them to decide on one they’ll wear forever proudly. Regardless of the approach, selecting a wedding ring can be one of the most exciting experiences.

Once you start looking, you will soon find that you can either opt for a predesigned ring or create a bespoke engagement ring Sydney.

It might be premature to rule out custom engagement rings due to their rumoured inexpensiveness. As a result, you must learn that it might be more affordable than you think.

Let’s dive into the factors affecting the prices of personalised engagement rings.

Price Point of Custom Engagement Rings:

At a certain point, the rumour that bespoke wedding rings are inexpensive gained unnecessary momentum, discouraging ordinary people from buying one. Nevertheless, this rumour is a myth.

Like other pieces of jewellery, personalised choices are available at several price points. Consequently, almost every buyer can manipulate their budget to fund a custom engagement ring. Lastly, the cost depends on various factors that contribute to the appearance of the ring, such as the following:

Choice of Metal:

The metal you prefer to set the basic framework of the ring vastly affects the overall cost. Particular materials are more expensive compared to the others, pushing the cost to a higher end.

White and yellow gold are famous choices for wedding rings, while the karat specification of the ring also triggers the cost. Gold consists of 24 parts, encompassing the percentage of constituents, including pure gold and other metals. Gold is a relatively soft substance; it requires amalgamation with other metals to maintain rigidity and shape.

A white or yellow gold ring might possess significant traces of other metals. An 18-karat gold ring comprises 18 parts of pure gold and 6 parts of another metal.

Although more costly than other metals, platinum also remains another customer favourite. It’s relatively rarer than gold as it’s mined almost ten times less than the precious metal. Moreover, platinum is one of the strongest materials, opening doors to a plethora of customization options.

Stone, Design and Size:

Another vital factor influencing the price of custom engagement rings is the stones you select as the centrepiece.

Diamonds typically serve as the most common centre stones. The primary advantage of designing a custom ring lies in the freedom to choose the centre stone. As a result, you can go for a harmonious stone with the wearer’s personality.

If you own a stone already, a professional designer might be able to add it to the ring. This results in the addition of an exceptional sentimental value to the ring.

Factors affecting the cost of the centre stone are cut, clarity and size. Additionally, when it comes to diamonds, colour is another factor, as a colourless diamond costs more than other variants.

Once you start comparing options, you can build a budget and estimate which size and stone fall under your financial capabilities. Subsequently, the jewellery designer can guide you to a stone well-suited for your preferred ring.


While creating custom engagement rings, the sky is the limit. There are plenty of options on the market that can fit your budget and allow you to design a delightful engagement ring. In addition, there are numerous bespoke ring makers available on and off the internet to help you inch towards the perfect ring.

A personalised wedding ring doesn’t necessarily have to be costlier than a regular ring. However, it does pack a certain unique touch which makes it more valuable. If finances limit you, let your creative imagination make your options limitless.

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