Is it Possible that Astrology can Find you a Soulmate? 

It is not easy to find your soulmate. There may even be a secret formula to help you find your soulmate. While we don’t have all the answers, here are a few things that may help you navigate your dating life. Indeed, astrology can provide the answer. This astrology secret is beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a cosmos expert or a newly obsessed zodiac enthusiast.

The answer to finding your soulmate can be found in astrology. Here are the steps and the best advice from a Top Astrologer in Hyderabad, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and their community.

Completing Your Natal Chart

  1. Determine the date, year, and time when you were born.

To create a natal chart, all you need is the following information. Check your birth certificate if you are unsure of the details. The information must be accurate.

  • Get your partner’s or your crush’s information so that you can compare your chart with theirs. If you make your chart accurate, it will be more meaningful to them.
  1. Fill out a natal chart website with your information.

Searching Google will show you tons of free websites. The natal chart for you will look like a circle after entering your information.

  • To find your soulmate, you need to discover your natal chart! You can reference specific areas of your chart to determine who has the most compatibility with you.
  1. Check out your septenary, Mars, and Venus, as well as your north nodes.

All three of these elements can help you discover your soulmate and who is most compatible with you. Learn how to use them to find your soulmate by paying attention to them in your natal chart!

7th House Compatibility

  1. See your rising sun sign or the house in which it resides.

Rising sun signs are also known as ascendant signs or the seventh house and are typically on your left side of the natal chart. Any zodiac sign can be listed as your rising sign. Finding out who you may fall in love with is much easier once you know your rising sign.

  1. Examine the sign opposite your house number seven.

You’re most compatible with the rising sign opposite yours. Virgos, for example, are most compatible with Pisces if your rising sign is Pisces. Opposites attract, and you will see that in your birth chart. Examples include:

  • Aries & Libra
  • Taurus & Scorpio
  • Gemini & Sagittarius
  • Cancer & Capricorn
  • Leo & Aquarius
  • Virgo & Pisces
  1. Your ideal partner should have the opposite sign to yours.

You can try finding your soulmate by finding out what your opposite sign is! Try to find a partner whose sign is opposite yours when you are looking for a companion. Your compatibility with them is higher than that of any other star sign.

Mars & Venus Connections

  1. Mars and Venus are in your chart to the same degree.

While Venus shows you how to be most happy, Mars shows you who you are most compatible with. A key at the bottom of your natal chart explains Mars and Venus’ degree in your chart. Note those numbers down and compare them later.

  1. Examine another person’s degree chart.

You will find that Mars and Venus are within a few degrees of each other if you are compatible with your partner. You should hope that your partner’s Mars is between 10 and 20 degrees if yours is 15 degrees.

  1. Your ideal partner will have the same degree of Mars and Venus as you.

If these degrees are close together in your chart, you are more likely to fall in love with this person. You can compare your Mars and Venus degrees when you request a date and ask to see their natal chart. Your future partner may have Mars and Venus very close to your own.

North Nodes: Moon Compatibility

  1. Check your north node’s date.

As it moves around the hemisphere, the moon passes the north node. You usually meet someone important in life when the north node awakens. A North Node Calculator can provide your exact dates.

  1. Check the dates of someone else’s north node.

You and your friend are more likely to already have a connection if they live close by. A top astrologer in Hyderabad believes that sharing nodes with someone is a sign of an inherent spiritual connection.

The likelihood of sharing the same nodes with someone will increase if their birthday coincides with yours or if they are exactly nine to ten years older or younger.

Last Say

Here is how we can get our soulmate with the perfect use of Astrology. Also, you can find a Astrologer in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh. Take your big leaps and look out for these top astrologers for your great life ahead. We hope you will get your soulmate soon.

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