Just Experience a Car Accident? Here’s What to Do Next 

Accidents are incredibly scary, so it can be difficult to remember what to do when one happens. It’s important to take the right steps immediately following an accident to prevent further medical issues as well as to gather the evidence needed when filing a claim. Below are the steps to take after a car accident happens and how to handle the next couple of days. 

Seek Medical Assistance

If anyone is injured in the accident, they need to get medical attention as quickly as possible. This can help save someone’s life if they are seriously injured or prevent minor injuries from becoming a lot worse. Lawyers like those at erichenrylaw.com will need to see the bills for medical care when handling a claim for compensation, as this counts toward the money the injured person could receive from the at-fault party. 

Contact the Police for a Report

The police should be called to the accident scene to create a report of what happened. This can be valuable when filing a claim as it can help to prove details of what happened or establish fault in the case. The police report will also include contact information for all drivers as well as insurance information in most cases. This can help if the injured person is unable to get that information on their own. 

Document the Scene of the Accident

If possible, the injured person should take time to document the scene of the accident by getting as many photos as possible. Photos should include multiple angles of all vehicles involved, images of the interior and exterior damage to the vehicles, photos that show what the scene was like at that time, and more. It may also be a good idea to take a photo of insurance information and identifications so they can be backed up in case they’re needed. 

Call the Insurance Company

After leaving the scene of the accident and receiving emergency medical care, if needed, the injured person will want to file a claim with their own insurance company. Most companies provide information that enable the person to go through this process easily, and help is available if needed. It is important to fill out everything as completely as possible, as this can help prevent any delays. 

Speak With a Lawyer

After filing a claim with the insurance company, it’s a good idea to speak with a lawyer. A lawyer may be able to help their client receive a much larger settlement compared to what the insurance company will offer, which can help ensure all expenses related to the accident are covered. Talking to a lawyer also provides the person with the opportunity to learn more about the situation and whether they might have a case to seek compensation for the accident. 

Handling a car accident properly is crucial, but it can be hard to know what to do if someone has not been in an accident before. These are the main steps to follow immediately after the accident and in the next couple of days. It is important to seek medical care as soon as possible for injuries and then contact a lawyer so they can start working on the case. Doing so may enable the person to receive a much higher settlement. 

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