King Von – Grandson Vol. 1

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KING Von was an epitome of the gangsta lifestyle. Not only was he known to commit murder and abuse women, but his music had an immediacy that resonated with an audience far beyond its streets.

Welcome to O’Block became his breakthrough mixtape, featuring “Crazy Story”, an engaging tale of robbery-turned-shootout.


King Von’s 2018 single “Crazy Story” quickly established him as an artist of note. The song chronicled an action-packed robbery-turned-shootout scenario with captivating drill production that proved King Von was among the top rappers when it comes to telling stories through music.

Born Dayvon Bennett in O Block on Chicago’s South Side, where Chief Keef hails from. Following an unfair murder charge he successfully beat, he began rapping professionally before joining Lil Durk’s OTF collective.

Von was renowned for his unique blend of lyricism and sinister trap production that captured both niche and widespread appeal, reflecting both the violent nature of his hometown as well as gang wars that pervaded it. Unfortunately, Von’s story would come to a tragic end on November 20, 2020, during an altercation with another rapper’s crew outside an Atlanta hookah lounge; an incident which police believed may have been gang-related.

King Von Autopsy

King von Autopsy was an emerging rapper renowned for his poetic yet relatable lyrics that reached people from various walks of life.

He served as a beacon of hope to those growing up in harsh neighborhoods; yet, his untimely death raised many questions and raised more debate on what amounted to a matter.


After quickly rising to prominence in Chicago’s drill scene, King Von’s adept storytelling caught Lil Durk’s ear, prompting her to co-sign him on the 2018 single “Crazy Story” and Grandson Vol 1 the following year.

Von delivered his set with an artist’s eye for detail and a dramatist’s flair. This energy continued on his 2020 mixtape Levon James as well as Welcome to O’Block via Only the Family Distribution and Empire Distribution.

This record features an array of guests, ranging from rappers like Polo G and Fivio Foreign to the saxophonist and percussionist Moneybagg Yo. Amid its gangsterisms are poignant moments like “Why He Told” and a prayerful rendition of “Ride.” Produced by ChopsquadDJ who blended modern trap and drill elements together to give Von’s music its distinctive sound; unfortunately, however, his life was cut short shortly thereafter at age 26.


No matter if you know of King Von or not, this project is an important piece of Chicago hip-hop history. It depicts a man on the cusp of becoming a rap superstar before his untimely demise; production quality is excellent while lyrics come alive; it hasn’t been this promising since someone started telling stories!

At 26 years old, Von was at the forefront of drill music’s expansion beyond Windy City’s roots. His charismatic mic presence commanded attention while his rhymes spoke of crime and violence in life. Tragically, Von was tragically shot to death shortly after releasing his debut album; posthumous releases expand upon what could have been through music like Lil Durk, Polo G and G Herbo among others to continue Von’s story-telling abilities and versatile versatility.


Von is an up and coming rap storyteller who brings audiences right onto O’Block streets through his captivating storytelling. You feel as if you are right there with him as he recounts life there.

His natural storytelling ability puts him on the frontlines of Chicago drill, channeling the uncompromising style of first generation stars G Herbo and Chief Keef into his own poetic aesthetics. His flow was effortless yet captivating – perfectly balancing fiery bars with relatable tales of struggle and triumph.

Von’s latest project also showcases his knack for quality production. To bring his vision to life, he recruited artists such as 42 Dugg, Lil Durk and Polo G to make it come to life. Even with such an extensive feature-list in place, King Von is never made to sound constructed or cobbled together; rather it sounds authentic to himself with all his trademark wit and sense of humor ever present – as is evidenced by a clip for “Robberies,” one of his second singles off this album! Watch it below!

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