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Law firm in Pakistan for Complex Property Issues

Law firm in Pakistan for Complex Property Issues:

 If you need the services of a law firm in Pakistan or an Advocate in Lahore for your complex property issues you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Our Law Firms in Lahore & Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan is best to deal the Family & Civil Suit in Court. The Services of our Law Firm in Lahore Pakistan is best as compare to the Other Law firm In Pakistan. The rule was that unfurnished tenancies had absolute security, and furnished residences had restricted protection. The importance of that distinction was abolished mainly when the Rent Act 1974 introduced the rule that tenants with resident landlords have restricted protection, and most other tenants have complete protection through law firm in Pakistan or an Advocate in Lahore.

Unfurnished Tenancy:

But what if the Tenant, who is 1974, had an unfurnished tenancy (complete protection) with a resident landlord (at that time, not a relevant factor)? Would the Tenant lose full-protection status and change to restricted protection because of the new ‘resident landlord’ criteria? Thus, the Tenant with an unfurnished tenancy that started before 14 August 1974 will have complete protection even if he has a resident landlord. If the residence were furnished, the Tenant would now have complete protection (whereas previously- the had restricted protection) unless his Landlord has been resident since 14 August 1974.

New Rent Act:

Such are the complexities caused when a new Rent Act is passed! Occasionally, therefore, it will still be essential to know for a law firm in Pakistan or an Advocate in Lahore whether a tenancy furnished or unfurnished, for the pre-August-1974 unfurnished Tenant can have complete protection even if he has a resident landlord (but not, of course, if he shares living accommodation with the Landlord, see above).

Advocate in Lahore:

For a law firm in Pakistan or an Advocate in Lahore to decide whether the tenancy is furnished or unfurnished, one must work out whether the rent for the furniture forms a substantial part of the total rent. The calculation generally involves three steps: 1. what was the table’s value at the start of the tenancy to the Tenant? Usually, this will be its second-hand value, but if it was worth more/less to that particular Tenant, it should reflect that in the figure assessed. 2. What is 20 percent of that figure? 3. What percentage of the total annual rent is the 20 percent figure? If it is less than 10 percent, it will probably not be a ‘substantial amount so that the premises will be regarded as unfurnished. Over 20 percent will probably be substantial, and so it will treat the premises as furnished. Between 10 and 20 percent, it is a matter of argument.


  These are personal services provided for the Tenant by the Landlord or his representative. They must be personal to the Tenant; thus, cleaning communal stairs or rooms would not count. But cleaning of the Tenant’s room or provision of laundry would be attendances through law firm in Pakistan or an Advocate in Lahore.  If the Landlord provides actual attendances, then the Tenant has restricted protection. Suppose the value of the attendances to the Tenant is not a substantial part of the total rent. In that case, the Tenant has full protection unless he has a resident landlord, which is very likely to have restricted protection.

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