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Star Swim Schools provide an exceptional environment with outstanding facilities to master the art of swimming. Offering year-round Baby swimming lessons Cranbourne & Narre Warren South with smaller classes so each child receives personalized attention, they also offer year-round Adult swimming lessons there too!

SWIM Schools Australia is the peak industry body representing 600+ swim school operators throughout Australia. A non profit organization, SWIM Schools Australia offers world-leading teaching and management guidelines as well as professional development, growth opportunities, and business support to its membership.

Learning to swim can help make life healthier, but deciding on the appropriate swim school for your children can be a difficult decision. Look for one with great kids swimming programs and top teachers – read on.

Children naturally enjoy water activities and learning how to swim is a fantastic way for them to stay safe in an aquatic environment. Without formal instruction on this matter, kids run an increased risk of drowning so it is vital that they enroll early in a swimming class.

The GOswim program is tailored to students of all ages and abilities, offering engaging activities to make swimming lessons accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Baby Swimming

Babies are natural swimmers and getting them immersed in water early gives them a distinct advantage as they grow. Swimming helps develop their heart and lung capacity while simultaneously strengthening arms, legs and neck muscles. Furthermore, its buoyant movement stimulates their vestibular system thereby aiding balance.

Many swim schools provide baby swimming lessons. Group lessons are interactive and engaging, often using songs and action rhymes to keep babies interested and content. Private swim lessons may also be available for small babies who prefer one-on-one attention from their instructor.

Find a learn-to-swim school with experienced, national recognized instructors trained to instruct infants and young children, offering child-centric approaches aimed at building safety, confidence and swimming skills in infants and young children. It is also wise to swim during off-peak hours so your baby won’t become distressed by too many people being in the pool at once; you should also ensure your little one leaves quickly should their mood shift suddenly!

Adult Swimming

Adult swimming ability is crucial to your health and well-being. At Swim Pro we offer group classes tailored specifically to adults of all ages and abilities to enhance swimming proficiency and water safety. Get in touch now to book lessons at one of our convenient locations across Queensland!

No matter if you’re training for a surf or triathlon event, trying to increase endurance and speed, or simply looking for social swimming experience – our ‘FIT’ You Silver Squad provides the ideal way for group training sessions focused on high intensity Freestyle endurance, speed drill work and form strokes to strengthen both body and mind. Sessions aim at high intensity Freestyle endurance speed drill work combined with form strokes for variety and strength development.

Lifesaving classes at select pools are designed to develop lifesaving and survival skills in an engaging and supportive atmosphere, taught by qualified AUSTSWIM instructors in an enjoyable and educational manner. Classes are open to people of all ages.

Swim & Survive

Star Swim School is an accredited provider of Swim and Survive lessons, with various schemes available to parents to assist in covering costs associated with lessons such as government-subsidized intensive in-term school swimming programs or vacation vacation programs during school holidays.

This program encompasses 16 stages, beginning with efficient support and movement in water before moving on to safety, survival and rescue skills. It’s suitable for everyone – including teenagers – and can even be implemented within your weekly Learn to Swim lessons at the same venue.

Holiday programs from Swimming classes Cranbourne are designed to supplement and not replace weekly classes for your child. It is important that they continue with lessons over the holidays to maintain progress. We review each student on their first lesson day to make sure that they are enrolled into an appropriate stage, if applicable for their age group, in order to pass any VacSwim exams required of them.

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