Let Your Child Build a Lego Minifig World

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Children don’t need much to be creative. But the more details you provide for them, the greater their capacity for creativity becomes. Lego has been in the business of child creativity for many years. They’ve designed with six sets of Minifigures or Lego Minifigs as they’re also called. Building the Lego Minifigs can encourage your child to build a world of colourful make-believe characters. 

Inspiring Children

Children draw comfort from being in charge of how their characters act and behave towards each other in the make-believe worlds they create. They also can become inspired by the look of a particular character and explore a new type of personality created entirely because of a character’s role, hairstyle or even the clothes they’re wearing. 

The creative folks at Lego have realised that by inventing colourful characters from all walks of life that reflect both the real world and the fantasy world, they’re also encouraging children to explore the limits of their imaginations.

The Value of Role-play

Children can develop favourites characters in their range of minifigs. These favourites can help shape their attitudes and beliefs and make them feel comfortable with the person they’re becoming. This is also vital in helping them develop self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Children learn by copying what they see around them. Providing minifigs to act as make-believe counterparts to real-life situations and people helps children slow things down and re-construct everyday occurrences such as grocery shopping, doing laundry, working at any type of job, or conversing with people at a party. 

They begin to see the reasons for doing these everyday things and how they’re supposed to behave while doing them. Creating these make-believe scenarios also allows the child to play multiple roles and explore the situation from all sides to understand and feel more comfortable in the real-life versions of the situations. 

Role-play is also important in helping to increase and improve a child’s verbal communication skills. Providing voices and vocabularies to a range of different characters, all interacting with one another, exercises a child’s mental dexterity and ability to think differently for the characters. It also helps them build reasoning skills as they ask questions of one another in the guise of the character they’re portraying. 

Freedom of Fantasy

Sometimes, a child wants to get away and create their own world where they can explore the limits of their creativity. The Lego minifigs collection has whimsical characters such as Shipwreck Survivor, Ancient Warrior, and Ladybug Girl to prompt children to create worlds and scenarios for these characters to inhabit and interact with other characters. 

Creating their own fantasy world can provide children with the freedom to be themselves and not have to conform to any rules for a while. Inhabiting a fantasy world also allows a child to explore their own creativity. 

Encourage your child to explore their creativity with the range of minifigs from Lego. You can order them online from the BOXOFBRICKS website for immediate delivery.     

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