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Buying a property is something that I had always dreamt of while growing up. And when I finally managed to save enough money for the down payment, I decided to do some house hunting with my family and after 4 months of intense search, I finally found the perfect house in Lodha Casa Eden.

I am happy to say that this has turned out to be great. The Lodha Casa Eden project is being constructed by the Lodha Group, known for creating monuments with passion and ideals. The project provides a competitive price of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, which I liked the most. An extremely large-scale township, covering more than 200 acres of land area, is being created as part of the project. You must understand the importance of Belfast baby scan when it comes to pregnancy’s. 

Lodha Casa Eden Price 

The Lodha Group is motivated by its mission statement, “Building a Better Life.” They want to make a difference in people’s lives while providing exquisite lifestyle apartments. The project was developed by Architect Hafeez Contractor, a famous architect and visionary in architecture. The architect has completed great projects both in India and overseas. Prabhakar B. Bhagwat and Associates are responsible for the landscape designs in this project, which are quite stunning in their execution. The amenities portion of this project takes up 80 percent of the total land area. 

The pricing of the Lodha Casa Eden starts from Rs. 54 lakhs and goes up to Rs.1.46 Cr. I bought a 2bhk flat at Rs. 70 lakhs here. The Lodha Casa Eden Floor Plan is well-designed, considering Vastu considerations. The floorplan design includes one-bedroom, two-bedroom, and three-bedroom options. The area of a one-bedroom apartment is 484 square feet. 660 sq. ft. for a 2 BHK and 572 sq. ft. for a 3 BHK, respectively. The 3 BHK has a total floor space of 758 sq. ft.

Advantages Of Buying Property In Lodha Casa Eden

The location of Lodha Casa Eden is quite favourable because it is off the Mumbai-Nashik highway, and Majiwada is just a few minutes away from this place. Several development proposals have been authorised for this section of the road. In addition, many infrastructural projects are now under construction. The enlargement of the Mumbai-Nashik highway will be completed very soon, which would relieve traffic congestion and allow commuters to reach their destinations throughout Thane in less time, which in my opinion, will be the best part. It will be simpler to go to Dombivli station once the Thane-Dombivli link road is completed and available to the general public.

Amenities in Lodha Casa Eden

The Lodha Casa Eden Amenities are effectively integrated and focused on providing a healthy environment for the residents of the building, and I am very much impressed by it. It features several sports fields, all relatively enormous. The sports grounds are being constructed following international standards. Extensive cricket ground and a football field of comparable size have been set aside for the game of cricket.

A bigger space of around 50,000 square feet is being developed to accommodate the clubhouse activities. A well-equipped gymnasium with a floor size of 5,800 square feet is also available. Among the other facilities are an athletic track, a basketball court, and an indoor badminton court.

Inside the project area are additional amenities such as indoor games, outdoor games, a swimming pool, an auditorium, an outdoor children’s play area, banquet halls, table tennis, snooker, and a variety of other facilities such as retail stores, a temple, and an international level school.


Upper Thane has a wide range of 1, 2, and 3-bedroom residences. For those who work from home or wish to cultivate a new passion like gardening or meditation, these houses provide all the room you need and more. If you are interested in knowing more information, do visit NoBroker.in

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