Loft Conversion and Extension Ideas for 2022

We are living in a world where innovation is driving every sector. Today, homeowners can convert or extend their loft to create more space through the help of innovative architects and builders. These are incredible house modifications that not only add space but also improve the aesthetic and value of your house.

Would you consider loft conversion and extension for your house? If yes, you might be wondering what the best ideas are, especially the trendy 2022 ideas. Consider a convenient house upgrade with Party Wall Services London.

Guest Bedroom with a Bathroom

What’s better than having your guests enjoy a night’s sleep right above anyone else in the house? This loft conversion and extension is for a small loft where the architect only needs to fit a small bed area and bathroom. It is crucial to add a window for natural light and ventilation. Interior designers recommend brighter colors to make the room look larger. The bathroom should take the center area where there is a high ceiling while the bed can take the area near the angle of the roof and floor.

Study Room or Office with Book Shelves

COVID-19 has forced people to work from home more. With loft conversion and extension, one can create a conducive study room or office and even add bookshelves. Again, this does not require a big loft, but some innovative modifications are needed such as adding a window on the roof, extending a vertical wall on the gable to add headroom, and addition of staircases leading to the loft. Luckily, a professional architect will design before a professional builder actualizes it.

An Open Plan Family Room Extension

It is good to have a large family room with a kids’ toy area and a TV lounge. If you are lucky to have a family room just below a loft space, then you can do a loft conversion and extension through professional architects such as Humphreysandsons if you are in the UK. They not only prepare the plans but help with approval applications and recommending professional builders for your open plan family room extension.

A Gym with Full Windows

Adding a full window on the loft to make a gym room means creating a big space. Hence, an extension might be the appropriate idea. This loft conversion and extension idea is common for houses with big roofs. However, it is achievable with careful planning, design, and construction for those who prefer to work from home.

Storage Solution

There is nothing wrong with being a hoarder, right? But it is recommended that you hoard important things with life importance. If your house is small, you can look up organized storage through your loft conversion and extension. The architect and builder will have an easy time because this is the simplest project in that only shelves, cupboards, and drawers are needed after the floor is added. You do not even need a window for storage in your loft.

All of these are amazing and achievable loft conversion and extension ideas you can try this year. As mentioned, it is important to seek the services of a professional architect for design, permission and approval application, and recommendation for reliable builders.

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