The name of the series “My name is Züleyha”, broadcast by Kanal D, reached the front page of local newspapers not only because of the very good audiences, but also because, during filming, the actors Murat Ünalmış and Kerem Alışık, namely Demir and Fekeli in serial, they jumped to the beat!

Little is said that, at the end of season 3, the situation is tense on the set of Adana from the Turkish series “My name is Züleyha”, in the original “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”! All the local press recently reported a very serious incident, in which the actors Murat Ünalmış and Kerem Alışık, the performers of the characters Demir and Fekeli in the series, were involved. Despre seriale will be now sharing all the latest episodes to viewers which you love to watch on your free time.

What happened?

It all started with a scene in which the two actors were playing, somewhere at the end of April. Kerem Alışık wanted to play on, but 80 minutes into the game the decision was made to substitute him for Murat Ünalmış. In reply, Kerem Alışık insulted Ünalmış, and from here to the fight it was only a step, but fortunately, those present intervened between the two, and director Murat Saraçoğlu set the whole team free to somehow solve the problem.

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The problem is that, from then until now, the spirits do not calm down at all. After the incident, Murat Ünalmış filed a complaint with the Adana police, and according to local media, actresses Hilal Altınbilek, Nazan Kesal, and the director are ready to testify. Moreover, the incident was filmed, so it can be used in a possible investigation. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

It’s not the first time

Fans probably remember that this is not the first time that tensions have surfaced during the filming of the Turkish series “My name is Züleyha”: in the middle of season 2, the local tabloids talked about how the same Kerem Alışık and Uğur Güneş, in the series Yilmaz, they did not swallow at all, despite the fact that, in the story, their characters were very close, due to the fact that the protagonist Hilal Altınbilek had short adventures first with Uğur Güneş, then with Kerem Alışık. But then, the show’s bosses denied where they could that such a thing would be true. On the other hand, somewhere at the beginning of season 3, Uğur Güneş came out of the story in a dramatic way and since then he has found another project.

Season 3 ends with the Turks soon

In our country, Kanal D broadcast the first two seasons of the fake series “My name is Züleyha” last year, in the original “Bir Zamanlar Çukurova”, but for the Turks, season 3 is coming to an end, which will end with episode 100, scheduled for Thursday , June 10.

From the point of view of the audiences, the series is doing very well, which is why the producers have announced that they will return in the fall, with season 4.

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