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The most popular outdoor activities do not require you to spend an exorbitant amount of money to experience thrill and adventure. In fact, many outdoor activities are some of the most basic types of survival skills that most people in the previous century depended on. Though there is a huge contrast between the past and how we live our lives today, we can all admit that these outdoor activities still have the ability to give us joy through simple things. 

Though much of our lives today are inundated with advanced technology, outdoor activities can remind us how much we can live life to the fullest without any screen dependence. The thrill and excitement we get from the great outdoors can also cure our stress and anxiety of the normal hustle and bustle in the city. 

If you’re someone who wishes to start embracing the liberty of spending time in the great outdoors, knowing the types of activities you can do should be the initial step towards your new journey. You must also know the different tools and gear you must bring to equip yourself for every outdoor excursion. Read on as we discuss the most popular outdoor activities for every outdoor enthusiast.

1. Camping

Camping has always been an outdoor activity staple since it’s fun and helps you get in touch with nature by sleeping under the stars. It’s considered one of the most popular outdoor activities simply because anyone can do it even in their backyards.

However, for many outdoor enthusiasts, a camping trip might include other activities such as trekking, hunting, or fishing. In any camping trip, packing the essential items for both sustenance and comfort is highly necessary. 

2. Fishing

Catching fish is a basic survival skill for many of our ancestors, especially those who lived in coastal areas. Unlike today, our ancestors did not have the advantage of having many tools that can help them streamline the process of fishing. Because of this, fishing has become a recreational activity that teaches many people the value of patience. Fishing also gives us a sense of fulfillment after patiently waiting for a catch.

3. Cycling

One of the most popular activities that motivated many people during the pandemic is cycling. Cycling not only helps people to stay in shape but also allows them to get from point A to B.

While many outdoor enthusiasts prefer mountain biking, others may prefer a simple ride around the city. Whatever you may choose to go on your next ride, it’s always necessary to check the integrity of your bicycle parts such as the brakes, gears, and wheels to always ensure a safe trip. 

4. Hiking/Trekking

Hiking or trekking up a mountain has always been considered one of the most popular outdoor activities. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert climber, you can always find a mountain that would suit your current pace. However, it’s always important to consider all the items you need to pack in each climb. You must also take into account the outdoor clothing you would wear in case you experience extreme temperatures.

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