Parameters to Consider while Creating a Rejuvenating Bedroom with an Accent Wall

How often have you wished to renovate your bedroom interiors? And how often has painting stroke your mind? But wait before you choose any random paint shades for your bedroom. You would not want to wake up in a boring area – do you? And to eliminate those uninteresting elements from your safe hub, consider an accent wall.

Ask your painting professional about the importance of accent walls. And you will hear them saying it only makes your room larger or smaller according to your preference. The only thing necessary here is choosing the right colour to uplift your room’s ambience.

How Can You Simplify the Process of Selecting an Accent Wall Bedroom Idea?

Figuring out the wall that you want to paint is the prime criterion. Besides that, you need to evaluate the colour or combination that blends perfectly with the room. After you understand these two things, you can easily take your painter’s advice regarding accent wall ideas. So, without further ado, let’s first learn them one by one.

1.    Selecting a Wall

You need to select an ideal accent wall in the bedroom. Remember, the headboard right behind your bed creates a focal point. You can survey online to learn interesting facts about accent wall ideas. But there are no hard and fast rules to choosing that wall. You are free to opt for another wall. But remember that you select a wall that stands out.

Choosing an unobstructed wall free of large furniture pieces like wardrobes is wise. The wall should have a minimum area that creates a dramatic impact. Such a wall should be neither too busy nor too blank. If it’s bare, it might make an unbalanced feel. It should be off-centre or include asymmetrical elements.

Already confused about which wall to choose as an accent wall?

The safest idea is to select the fifth wall, i.e., your ceiling. A lighter shade can heighten the room, whereas a darker hue uplifts its comfort level.

2.    Selecting the Right Hue

Now that you have learned how to choose a wall, it’s time to understand the colour selection. Remember, accent wall ideas are categorised into cool hues, warm undertones, monochromatic shades, and more. As a smart homeowner, your responsibility is to evaluate the right colour:

Outlining the warm hues:

If you want to opt for a warm bedroom accent wall, opt for any of these hues:

  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red

A warm shade is ideal for narrow bedrooms.

Cool shades that speak for themselves:

Do you love cool undertones? Why don’t you opt for any of these shades?

  • Mint Green
  • Blue
  • Purple

Your love for black and white:

A monochromatic bedroom accent wall offers a subtle impact on the room. Opt for this design if your room features mutated colours.

A Concluding Thought

We have compiled only a handful of ideas. You can ask your designer to guide you through other important aspects. So, with the above aspects considered, you can hopefully enhance the space’s ambience.

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